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Three Graces

What happens when we take three of society’s most effervescent ladies out to sample the country’s sexiest wellness menu?

I always have a great time dining out with Marilyn Lum, Tan Min-Li and Alicia Loke, not just because we share similar interests, but also because they love eating well.
In fact, the ladies and I have made a pact: To source the island’s healthiest eating spots and to tick them off our list, one plant-based bistro or no-bake cafe at a time.
So imagine our thrill on learning that there is a secret side to Seasonal Tastes, the chief dining spot at the new Westin Singapore. Away from the usual buffet fare, it offers a wellness option called the SuperFoodsRX menu. Dishes are curated based on their nutritional values, low calorie count, high levels of antioxidants and great taste.
“It’s actually quite easy to forget you’re eating healthy,” says Tan.
Our only not-so-super indulgence was the bubbly, but only because we can’t help toasting ourselves on a rare culinary find.


“I have a weakness for tomato soup and it’s a pleasant surprise to find that this version reminds me of my sister’s recipe, which she makes really well. It has just the right amount of sweetness, yet is tangy for a nice kick”
— Alicia Loke, on the soup starter dish, the cream of Roma tomatoes with basil pesto croutons

“With its stunning view of the Marina Bay area, this is a rather ideal spot for a healthy lunch in the CBD. The ingredients are fresh yet tasty and service staff are prompt, with minimal wait in between courses”
— Marilyn Lum, on the overall service quality

“It was a lovely, relaxing experience and the restaurant is truly an oasis in the heart of the business district. I also like how it has distinguished itself by making healthy eating an enjoyable experience. I especially love the fish dish: The seasoning was feather-light, so as not to mask the freshness of the meat — truly the mark of a skilful chef”
— Tan Min-Li, on the main course, steamed sea bass with crisp hijiki vegetable salad, apple and soy