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The Season for Giving: Elaine Kim (3of4)

Lending her hand to a number of causes, our third personality proves that her passion lies in having a heart for others.


Influences Change on Multiple Levels

There are those who channel all their energy to a single charity. And then there are those like Dr Elaine Kim, whose varied interests and genuine desire to make the world a better place, sees her juggling support efforts for more causes than one has fingers. Besides being actively involved in fundraising efforts for HCA Hospice Care (where she is also a palliative care doctor), the mother-of-three also supports the Yellow Ribbon Fund, serves as an advisor for 50 for 50, a charity drive that raise money for lesser-known charities, and is a co-founder of Crib, a social enterprise that aims to empower women in becoming successful entrepreneurs, among numerous other engagements. More recently, two-year-old Crib formalised its charitable arm, Crib Gives Back, which seeks to raise funds for underprivileged women and children.

Having worked with so many different charities, is there any one cause you feel most for?

I think it would be the one that I have been most consistently involved in — raising funds for hospice care. Because working in a hospice, I see the impact it makes on a day to day basis and I know tangibly how much difference it makes. And that’s very important for me. Also, I have this tenderness towards the elderly and this desire to look after them and meet their needs, which I feel are plenty. 

What is your fondest memory with HCA Hospice Care then?

In previous years, after the fundraising galas, I requested to take a small portion of the funds raised to create hong baos (red packets) to be distributed to our needy patients. Just seeing how that little bit of money and the amount of joy it brings to the patients…I think that is the most memorable part out of all of this for me.

How can people start giving back?

Everybody can do their part. Don’t think too much about it — just start doing it. It may not seem like much but every little bit counts. Don’t procrastinate. People sometimes look for a good time to start, but there is no real good time. Just start.

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