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She’s My Cover Girl

As Prestige turns 15, we revisit some of the leading cover personalities to find out where life has taken them since their glossy appearance.

As Prestige turns 15, Suhana Ab revisits some of the leading personalities who have graced our covers over the years and finds out where life has taken them since their first glossy appearance
January 2009
“I have accumulated many great memories in the past six years. My husband gave me a beautiful, picturesque wedding at the Sands SkyPark atop Marina Bay Sands, where we took our personally written vows. Our honeymoon in South America was also a highlight — we saw the breathtaking wilderness of Patagonia, trekked in Macchu Picchu and went hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro. Giving birth to my two babies, who are 18 months apart in age, is another significant milestone I hold dear. Life since their birth has been very different, but my priorities are still family and the people whom I work with. My social life, me-time and personal grooming have definitely taken a backseat to everything else, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is simply not enough time or energy to ‘have it all’. Having hit my 30s, I’ve discovered a newfound confidence and sense of purpose that I did not have earlier. My goal for the future includes building a strong marriage and developing strong values and characteristics in my children, such as resilience, compassion, gratitude and faith.”
Pang Shuxin is the executive director of Mothercare
December 2010
“With the arrival of my children, I have gone from leading legal operations across Asia-Pacific for a multinational company, to following the pitter-patter of little footsteps. I took time off from my career to be with our three kids, Kristian, Ryan and Isabel. But now that our first two children have started school, I have commenced graduate studies in Finance. It is refreshing and so enjoyable being back at university after 15 years. As for my children, my goal is to give them the same happy childhood that my parents gave me; to avail them the opportunities that the world has to offer; and to bring them up to be strong and kind.”
Ginny Wiluan is a lawyer and graduate student
August 2006
“Fast forward nine years and my children are all grown up and pursuing things they can call their own. My eldest Chloe, is pursuing a law degree at University College London; Claudine, is part of her school’s rhythmic gymnastics team, which won at this year’s inter-school competition; and my youngest, Ethan, also won at the inter-school national championship for his age group in tennis. With the three of them occupied with their own activities, I have more time for my own pursuits. For example, I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of remodelling my family home. It allowed me to infuse my personal style into the decor and am happy with the way it has turned out. The extra time on my hands has also allowed me to be more involved in charity work. For example, after the Nepal Earthquake earlier this year, I helped out at my husband’s company in its collection drive for necessities. We bought medicine and packed the supplies that were sent over to those in need. I was so happy to see so many volunteers involved. I hope to be involved in more of such activities in the near future.”
Nina Ng is a mother of three
September 2002
“I continue to be involved with a couple of international environmental NGOs including the BirdLife International. The most exciting project with them is the Harapan or Forest of Hope project, which attempts to convert commercial forests into conservation ones. The flagship project, in which I am involved, is in Sumatra and was started in 2004. Today, it has partnerships across the world, but the challenges are still enormous, as we not only seek to conserve sustainable ecosystems, but also provide sustainable livelihoods for the local community. Convincing people, businesses and governments that forests should be kept as long-term investments for future generations rather than destroyed for short-term economic gains is an ongoing challenge.
On a more personal note, I no longer take for granted the many important things in life such as friendship, health, the health of our planet and above all, good governance. Singaporeans have been incredibly fortunate and I think many of us are only gradually realising this. At the same time, I’ve also become more tolerant and less impatient, and strive to remember the Serenity Prayer, which says that we should have the courage to change what we can, the grace to accept what we cannot and the wisdom to know the difference.”
Dr Geh Min is an ophthalmologist, conservationist and former president of the Nature Society Singapore
July 2003
“I have been in private practice for the past 15 years and my dermatology practice has grown. I look forward to going to work every morning, meeting new people, educating my patients about good skincare and am happy to be able to make a difference in their lives. Having a job I’m passionate about is truly a blessing. I met my husband in 2005 and became a mother to our son Quentin in 2008. Motherhood changes one’s perspective in life — I’ve learnt to laugh at myself more, be more patient and find an equilibrium between career and motherhood. I am very lucky as dermatology is one of the few professions that allows me the flexibility to do that. Also, 16 years ago, a few partners and I founded and opened the Marmalade Group and it has been an adventure ever since.”
Dr Patricia Yuen is a dermatologist and entrepreneur
January 2004
“I can only look upon my life in the context of family and in the past 11 years, my marriage reached a new plane, with my husband Lawrence and I complementing one another better than ever — as indeed we should, after so many years of practice. We saw our only child, Gayle, achieve two tertiary qualifications from Australian universities — a diploma in Information Technology and a degree in Accounting and Finance. The background of the Basapa family name gained attention following several public initiatives in Singapore — among them are a website dedicated to Lawrence’s forebears, as well as displays in the Indian Heritage Centre and Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Since 2004, I’ve served in various fundraising committees including the Chinese Women’s Association, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra Ladies’ League, Kidz Horizon Appeal and also co-chaired the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation galas where more than $20 million was raised. It’s been a happy 11 years where I’ve gained much spiritual wisdom, which has fortified me in the face of life’s trials and tribulations. Not to mention the ‘laughter lines’ I’ve gained for the many happy moments!”
Celeste Basapa is a seasoned fundraiser
December 2005
“Being on the cover of Prestige has helped me to expand my social circle and make new friends. The feature gave me exposure to charity events, some of which I have been invited to and given the opportunity to play a part in raising funds for those in need. Moving forward, I plan to be more active in this area. I also got to meet people from different countries and walks of life, and interact with them, which has broadened my horizons and contributed to my personal growth.
Being close to my family is also important to me. As we are often busy with our own lives and schedules, my family and I make it a point to arrange holidays together at least twice a year where we can spend quality time with each other and foster stronger bonds. Most recently, we travelled around Europe, stopping at cities such as Amsterdam and Venice. I am also very conscious of my health and diet, sticking to a fixed gym routine and going for regular health check-ups. I always tell my family that taking care of their health is very important, so I take care of my own in order to set a good example. That way, everyone can live a happy and healthy life.”
Chiang Yu Lan is a mother of four daughters
January 2001
“One of the key highlights from the past 14 years has to be the role that I played when I was the president of the Association of Women Doctors (AWDS) from 2000 to 2004. Among many things, we lobbied to abolish the female gender quota that was once applied to the National University of Singapore’s Medicine faculty. Our efforts paid off when the government finally removed the 25 percent cap on female medical students in 2002. Back then, I was also the head of Paediatric Radiology at Kandang Kerbau Hospital and worked hard to develop the field of paediatric imaging. I left for private practice in 2004 and enjoy the flexibility and freedom it gives to my schedule. Work aside, I had two more boys, which means I now have four sons: Benedict, Sebastian, William and Piers. I recently started running and flamenco dancing again. Looking forward, I would like to travel more and live by the French motto: Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup, which translates to —eat well, laugh often and love abundantly!”
Dr Anne Tan Kendrick is a radiologist and former president of the Association of Women Doctors
“The awds, the organisation that I helped to start, is entering into its 17th year of existence and I am proud to see it coming along well. Today, the association is in very good hands, run by dynamic, smart and beautiful female doctors. The original idea of AWDS was to be a ‘go-to’ centre for younger female doctors (and even medical students) for any kind of advice. This role remains but has since expanded further to benefit the lives of women, children and families through collaborations with other organisations and charities. For the future, I would like to see more permanent forms of philanthropy — like medical student bursaries, for example — be institutionalied at AWDS.”
Dr Lucy Ooi is a physician and founding president of the Association of Women Doctors