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Prestige Petite: Ethan Han (2of5)

In the second part of our five-part series, this bright young man talks about his dreams and ambitions.


Described as a hardworking young man, the son of private investor Han Seng Juan and style maven Susanna Han has taken home Outstanding Academic Achievement awards from his school for several years now. He also loves the stage and has been part of several W!ld Rice productions including Monkey Goes West, Jack and the Beansprout and most recently, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A scientist or a businessman.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Pyrokinesis, the ability to control fire with the mind. I feel very connected to the fire element and it would be cool to be able to set things on fire with
my hands.

Which three words describe you best?

Unique, hot-headed and mysterious.

If you could be anyone in the world for one day, who would you be?

Bernie Sanders, so that I can experience the life of a politician such as himself.

If you could time-travel, where would you go?

I’d head back to the 1800s, just to ridicule how people looked and dressed back then.

Name one thing that scares you.

Chinese doll puppets.

What makes you happy?

To prove people wrong.

Will you get married? If yes, do you already know to who? 

Yes, I will. However, I am way too young to know to who.

What’s the toughest thing about being a kid?

When you are a kid, you have less authority than the grown-ups.

What is the coolest thing about your mum and dad?

My dad treats me as a friend and I can approach him for help at any time and my mum has helped to mould me into the person I am today.

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