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Newlyweds: Clarence Loh & Loo Hong Xi (1of3)

The Lohs begin this three-part series where newlyweds get personal on their transition from dating, to marriage and parenthood.

Loo Hong Xi & Clarence Loh
Tied the knot: October 11, 2014


Having dated for over seven-and-half years, the transition to married life for university sweethearts Clarence Loh and Loo Hong Xi was a relatively smooth one, to say the least. “We had been together for so long that I already felt like I knew him inside out,” says Loo with a laugh. But even that didn’t prepare Loh for his wife’s “messiness”, he divulges. “Technically, it’s the baby’s mess,” she interjects.

Now proud parents to eight-month-old Cayden, the couple admits that their lives changed more significantly with the arrival of their son. Besides deepening their relationship, parenthood also meant that sacrifices and lifestyle changes had to be made. Sleep deprivation aside, dining out together (which the pair used to enjoy regularly) has also taken a backseat. “In the past, we liked going for slow dinners as it gave us a chance to spend time together and have quality conversations,” says Loh. These days, however, they often opt for “fast and easy” meals at Japanese chains such as The Sushi Bar and Ichiban Boshi instead.

“It’s very different now with the baby. Our time is no longer our own,” adds Loo.

How would you say your perspectives have changed since getting married?

CL: I have assumed much greater responsibilities, mainly being a good husband to my wife and good father to my son. That said, I am much happier and contented now than I was 10 years ago.
HX: I am now accountable to another person and have to take his likes and dislikes into consideration when making any major decisions in life.

Parenthood has added a whole new dimension to your marriage.

HX: It’s quite new to me — this whole motherhood thing. And it’s very intense. It’s something I don’t think anyone can ever prepare you for. Our schedules have to change now because of the baby — we cannot go out as and when we like anymore. And if we do, we can’t just bring him anywhere either.
CL: The places we go have to be child-friendly. So our dining habits have also changed drastically. We used to prefer restaurants that are quieter and big on ambience. But we tried bringing our son to such places…and it was a nightmare.
HX: The moment he makes a bit of noise, everyone would turn and look and it’s just really stressful. So now we frequent places where people don’t mind a bit of noise.

Do you remember what your first fight as a married couple was about?

CL: Nothing I can remember in particular. We often talk things out to prevent disagreements from escalating into a fight.
HX: Me neither, as I tend to forget these things very quickly. It was probably something about the remote control not being where it should be? (laughs) Anyway, I believe that you should never go to bed angry with each other.