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Newlyweds: Aman Khan & Medinah Mahamood (3of3)

Three months was all it took for the Khans to fall in love and tie the knot, but our third couple believes it’s communication that counts.

Aman Khan & Medinah Mahamood
Tied the knot: May 22, 2016


To say that Aman Khan and Medinah Mahamood’s love story is the stuff of Hollywood fiction wouldn’t be much of an overstatement. After meeting for the first time at a mutual friend’s birthday party, Aman declared that Medinah was the girl he would marry. And following a whirlwind three-month romance, he did exactly that.

“It wasn’t all easy,” admits Medinah. “There were doubts of course, but after our families met, everything just fell into place,” she adds. It helped that Aman is a strong believer in his gut instinct about people and not the length of time he has known them. “I think you can never fully know a person 100 percent — whether you’ve dated for one month or six years. It’s always a risk. But I was confident when it came to Medinah,” he shares with a smile.

While the pair are avid cooks, experimenting in the kitchen has since been put on the back burner following the birth of their three-month-old daughter, Leila. Whenever their schedules permit, however, the duo still enjoy flexing their culinary muscles in the kitchen — especially Aman. “Actually, I cook and she cleans,” he adds with a chuckle.

Is there anything new you’ve learnt about each other now that you are married?

MM: I have never met anyone as messy as him. He’s so incredibly disorganised and unsystematic. He doesn’t plan anything! I’ve always known he was like this, but now that I’ve married him, I finally know the extent of it. I am the complete opposite — everything has to be done in a proper, planned manner.

AK: After we married, I discovered that she has a bit of a temper. But the thing I like most is that no matter how angry she is, whenever I smile at her…she will just calm down.

How has the arrival of Leila changed the dynamics between you?

AK: I feel more committed; like I have more responsibilities now. I have to be there at all times, for Leila. These days, I spend more time with my daughter and cook less.

MM: It has also strengthened our relationship. When I see how Aman is with her — how he plays with and cares for her — it just makes me love him more. I never expected him to be so hands-on. He always tries his best with her.

What advice would you give to couples looking to get married soon?

AK: Get married later (laughs). Objectively, it’s not advisable to get married so quickly. It’s not for everyone — we just got lucky. But if you’re planning to get married, have as many kids as you can, as soon as possible. Because the feeling of being a parent is amazing. There are no words to describe it.

MM: Ultimately, you have to want the same things and want to work for the same future. It worked out for us because we are very similar and coincidentally desired the same things. But this is not necessarily the case for every couple. At the end of the day, communication is of utmost importance.

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