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Grace Wong takes on the #PrestigeQuestionnaire

Which pop tune will surely get this dancing queen moving? Here’s a clue; it’s a popular number by the King of Pop himself.


Ballroom dancing enthusiast


What’s your biggest source of strength?

My loved ones.

Greatest love of your life?

My mother.

Greatest fear?


Greatest achievement?

Bringing my big extended family together for gatherings.

Your most treasured possession?

Photos and videos of my family and friends. It keeps the memories alive.

The one song you can’t resist dancing to?

Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”.

The secret to getting people on the dance floor?

Dimming the lights.

Your idea of a great party?

A themed party where everyone dresses up and have fun.

How would you inject more life into the social scene?

People need to be more approachable.

If you could be a fashion item, what would you be?

A hat. I would transform your look in an instant and be handy on bad hair days!

Secret to a man’s heart?

Trust and food.

If you could change one thing?

I wouldn’t change anything. Accept who you are and love all aspects of yourself.

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