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Christmas with Society: The Wiluans (1of5)

Burberry celebrates the month for reflection and merry-making with five young families, this time with the Wiluans.

Ginny and Richard Wiluan with their children Isabel, Kristian and Ryan
“2015 has been a good year for us and we are very thankful that a lot of the hard work that went into 2014 came to fruition. There is no better time than Christmas to remember life’s blessings and be grateful. For example, I’m amazed at how my two elder children seem to have grown up so quickly. At ages six and four, they are able to communicate better and nothing makes us smile more than listening to them share with us their ‘life’s wisdoms’. This year, Richard and I look forward to seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces as they open their presents, feeling their joy as they shriek and laugh, playing with their cousins and basking in the warmth of family love.”
— Ginny Wiluan
Both Richard, an executive director at KS Distribution, and Ginny, a lawyer and graduate student in finance, cite their UK holiday in July as their best memory of the year, as it was the first time they travelled with all three of their children: Kristian, six, Ryan, four, and Isabel, three
Stay tuned for the next four families