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Christmas with Society: The Lims (2of5)

Burberry celebrates the month for reflection and merry-making with five young families, this time with the Lims.

Tjin Lee and John Lim, with sons Tyler and Jake

“With kids, Christmas now centres on the family. I love to watch Tyler’s eyes light up when he sees the Christmas tree. I personally enjoy the tradition of opening presents together on Christmas morning as it brings back all the lost wonders of the season that faded when we were teenagers. To be able to relive it in all its excitement through the eyes of the little newcomers to the family is magical. Being so young, my older son has yet to grasp the religious significance of Christmas but despite that, we would love to take him to Sunday School to see the Nativity play and enjoy the music. It reminds me of the time when I starred as Mary in my own Sunday School play at Wesley Methodist Church when I was five and got to carry little baby Jesus. Perhaps one day, Bubu (Tyler), two, will similarly be able to enjoy the Christmas festivities in a similar fashion.”
— Tjin Lee

John is a commodities trader and Tjin is the founder and managing director of Mercury Marketing & Communications. For the couple, the highlight of 2015 was the birth of their younger son Jake, who is now five-months-old
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