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At Home With: Paulina Böhm (3of3)

Three design-savvy women put their own personal spin on things, creating spaces they can really call their own.

Paulina Böhm

Former architect
To say Munich-born Paulina Böhm has been effectively “Singaporeanised” over the past 15 years in the city-state would be an understatement. Even her taste buds have evolved. “Whenever [my husband and I] travel to Europe, we always bring along a packet of chilli padi,” she says. “I would rather have chilli padi in my hand than a lipstick!” She even confesses to adding oyster sauce to the European dishes she cooks at home for her two children and husband, Thomas Welte.
Needless to say, Böhm’s taste in home furnishings has also been heavily influenced by her time in this part of the world. Her spacious four-bedroom apartment, which the former architect renovated and decorated herself, has a distinct Asian flavour with a touch of European sensibilities shining through. “We wanted a modern Asian look that wasn’t too Balinese or too hotel-like either,” Böhm explains.
So while the apartment features very traditional elements, such as teak furniture and Buddha statues, Böhm made sure to incorporate contemporary pieces as well, creating an interesting and eclectic juxtaposition of styles. This is most evident in her living room area, where Chinese lacquer cabinets flank a trendy couch by Ligne Roset and a futuristic-looking coffee table by Hong Kong designer Michael Yeung. Her favourite piece at home so far? “There are just too many,” she says with a laugh.
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