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Angeline Ng: The Business of Cakes

With a solid game plan, the founder of Crème Maison Bakery is set to bring her bakery to exciting new places.

Posted on Crème Maison Bakery’s Instagram feed are photographs of really beautiful cakes. Confectionery masterpieces, they showcase elements such as unicorn horns, mermaid tails and watercolour paintings. All are designed by the bakery’s founder, Angeline Ng.

“The floral bouquet has become our signature trait. It was something I wanted to try out after starting Crème Maison in 2012,” she says, referring to the flowers piped from buttercream that adorn a cupcake.

Ng was just 21 years old when she opened Crème Maison, with a partner, in the Joo Chiat neighbourhood. What followed was a steep learning curve during which she had to manage the kitchen as well as shopfront.

After parting ways with her partner a year later, Ng, who trained at At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy, decided to continue on her own.

She moved the bakery to a shophouse in Prinsep Street. At 1,200 sqft, it is four times bigger than the previous space. This allowed her to expand her offerings as well as introduce table styling and home delivery services. Crème Maison also began supplying its cakes to restaurants and hotels.

The independence meant she could be creative, churning out unique flavours such as raspberry lychee rose, caffe kaya toast, ondeh ondeh and, more recently, salted egg matcha. The last, a sponge cake infused with pure matcha and a salted egg fudge filling, is topped with cream cheese and homemade milk crumbles. It is popular among her customers, who include celebrities and members of the society set.

“Baking is something I’ve loved since I was a kid. It was what my mum and I did to bond. We would try recipes from my grandma or from any random cookbook. I remember making chiffon cakes, a marble cake in a teddy bear mould and even hot dog buns,” says Ng, now 25.

This early start ignited a fiery passion in her. Growth is always on her mind. At press time, Ng was in the midst of moving her operations to a 1,800-sq-ft premises at BreadTalk IHQ in Tai Seng.

Here, Crème Maison has a baking studio where classes or baking parties for friends, colleagues and even parents and their children can be hosted. This is also where Ng will continue to personally make the premixes for her cakes and train her crew of cake decorators.

The move came about after a meeting with Serene Tan, the franchisee of Dazzling Cafe in Singapore. She is also Ng’s partner for this new business venture.

Tan was looking for a cake supplier for her cafe when she chanced upon Ng’s cakes. Impressed by its delicate flavours and quality, she called a friend to ask if he knew where the cakes were from. As fate would have it, he happened to be with her when he received Tan’s call.

“It was serendipitous. Shortly after, she came for a tasting at my cafe and we got along so well. We became friends and are now business partners,” says Ng.

As part of their expansion plans, the duo are bringing Crème Maison to Taiwan, where it is expected to open in October.

Ng is clearly excited — sticking to her goals has paid off.

“Whenever I feel like quitting, I stop and think about the customers who have believed in me since day one. They are my motivation. I’ve learnt so much, to persevere and press on in order to achieve my goals,” she shares.

To bake well, one must…have great patience and determination.

My idea of a great dessert…is a slice of fluffy and light strawberry cake.

Success is…to go through failures and learn from mistakes to get to where I want.

In business one must…have the right partner who shares the same vision.

My motto is…dream big and work hard towards it. No matter how it ends, it’s the experience that matters most.

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