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Goh Wee Ping: Working From The Heart

Wee Hur’s country manager believes that good things can be achieved when you put your heart into your work. 

With its sprawling pool, lush gardens and sleek architecture, Parc Centros, a condominium located in the north-eastern part of Singapore looks every bit like a beach resort. From its design and layout, it is apparent that developer Wee Hur Holdings has not only channelled much thought, but also heart, into its planning.

Chuffed at our observation, Wee Hur’s country manager, Goh Wee Ping, explains: “We did put in a lot of effort to ensure that the property turned out well and that it would appeal to buyers. This is especially so as Parc Centros is the company’s first mega condominium project.”

Indeed, the developer’s efforts have paid off. After a thorough inspection by the Building and Construction Authority, the company — co-founded in 1980 by his father, executive chairman and managing director, Goh Yeow Lian, alongside three brothers and two brothers-in-law — obtained an average score of 90 marks for the Quality Mark initiative, the highest possible number for quality inspection.

With this residential project completed, the younger Goh’s focus has shifted to Brisbane, Australia, where he oversees projects ranging from mixed-use developments and residences to student housing.

Despite operating thousands of miles away, these overseas developments are all independent undertakings, rather than joint ventures. “We take a conservative approach and prefer to keep everything in the family. We work with external vendors and manage everything ourselves, which explains my frequent trips there,” Goh, 31, says of the company that was public-listed in 2008. The firm is also in the local construction and workers’ dormitory businesses.

Joining Wee Hur was always on the cards for Goh, who, in his growing up years, was acutely aware that his family and cousins worked together. “It was more like walking on a path already laid out. Even so, I love what I do. I am constantly learning new things and gaining new experiences. And being able to help grow the company gives me a sense of accomplishment,” he says.

“To me the key advantage in working in a family business is that we can always be honest with one another or even have difficult conversations about working together. It improves our relationship and facilitates a better working environment,” Goh reveals. “There is also less politics because the first generation of founders has made it extremely clear that rising through the ranks is left to capability. We have to prove our worth in order to move upwards. But there’s one advantage for us: We never run out of lunch kakis!”

In business one should…always focus and do things one step at a time.

To me success is…when more and more people start looking to you for direction. 

Family…are people with whom I can be extremely comfortable and don’t ever need to put up a front.

The best advice from my dad…is to do everything with earnest intentions and from
the heart. 

The Singapore property scene…doesn’t offer much opportunity now. There are too many people fighting for the few pieces of land.

My ideal home…has a very comfortable sofa. Mine is 3m long so if I ever quarrel with my wife and she throws me out, I have that as backup (laughs).

Work aside…I am passionate about cheerleading, which I participated in during my years at the National University of Singapore. Occasionally I head back there to meet with the juniors and offer advice.