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Amanda Seyfried in Singapore

In town for the opening of Clé de Peau Beauté’s first standalone store in the world, Amanda Seyfried talks skincare, Netflix and goats.

How do you feel about being identified as a beauty icon?

When I was asked by Clé de Peau Beauté to be its face seven years ago, I was a little lost. I was much younger and was at a point where I didn’t feel beautiful. Fortunately, as I grew older, I became comfortable in my own skin and discovered that you can feel beautiful in more ways than one. Personally I identify with the brand’s mantra of having radiance from within. When you take care of yourself, you feel more beautiful. In turn, you feel more confident and you naturally radiate that emotion.

Who do you regard as a beauty icon?

My mother. She’s a really happy person who has chosen her own path and she feels empowered by that decision. She is now retired and has moved out to the West Coast to help me take care of my three-month-old daughter. We have a good relationship and she is always stealing my Clé de Peau Beauté products. She asks for them directly and doesn’t even go through me. She is the true brand muse! (laughs)

How has motherhood changed your perception of beauty?

Before, I spent years focusing on obtaining a certain body type. Since I had my baby, it has become less important. My definition of what is beautiful has also changed. I am at a healthy weight when I was not necessarily before my baby. My body is producing what my baby needs and if that means weight gain, then I’m planning on keeping the extra weight. Even so, I am mindful of keeping healthy so I do exercise but no longer in an obsessive way. In time, I hope to communicate this to more mothers out there.

And has motherhood affected your beauty regime?

It hasn’t changed my routine — if something works for you, stick to it right? I’m a fan of the La Crème. It was the first product I used from the brand. It protects my skin and is absorbed quite easily.

What if you have a bad skin day?

I don’t really like to use foundation so I opt for their concealer stick to cover blemishes. I then just add on a bit of mascara and lip colour to play up my features. This season, I’m excited about the lip colour number 318. I always like red lips.

What would you never do in the name of beauty?

I’m certain I would never undergo elective surgery to look more beautiful. You can come after me if that ever changes.

Your top way to unwind?

Television. There is so much good programming on cable and Netflix. I don’t have a favourite show but I like 13 Reasons Why. The quality of the cast is great. This new generation is incredible and I feel lucky to call them my peers. I also enjoy House of Cards on Netflix and Handmaid’s Tale on Amazon.

Vacations to unwind perhaps?

I love spending time at my farm and will be heading there this June. I’m very excited as I haven’t been there since Christmas. I want to see my goats! There are a few new ones who I have not met yet. I have a caretaker who takes care of the place and has been telling me all about it.

What drives you in life?

My next meal (laughs), the next episode of a television show, animals, the desire to be a good mum, my family, honesty — all those things drive me.

What role would you like to play on the big screen or on stage?

Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked.

You’ve starred in Mamma Mia, Mean Girls and Ted2. Your favourite role to date?

Judy in this movie called The Clapper. It has not been released and there are no distribution rights to it yet. It was a movie I shot for with Dito Montiel that also stars Tracy Morgan and Ed Helms. I play this weird character that works at a gas station on the east side of Los Angeles. She has a good outlook on life.

How’s working with David Lynch of Twin Peaks fame?

I heard about the return of the drama series and begged my agent to help me be a part of it. I went to the audition which had me talk into the camera with the casting director for some 20 minutes. I remember the exact moment when I got the news of being cast. It was my sister’s wedding day and she was in the shower while I was doing my make-up in the bathroom. I got the text” “YOU GOT TWIN PEAKS!” and flung the door open to tell my sister. She’s always been a fan of David Lynch so she screamed, started jumping up and down and was so excited for me even though she had other things to be excited about. I was so happy to make her proud as she is a veterinarian technician and doesn’t care too much about Hollywood. David Lynch is a sweetheart, his mind works in amazing ways and it’s great to be working with him.

Your husband, Thomas Sadoski, is also in show biz. How do you guys achieve a work-life balance?

It certainly is daunting. My husband and I love to work and the idea of us working on projects at the same time is stressful. There are projects that are important to us that we don’t want to miss out on. For example I will be working on Mamma Mia 2 and he will be in Los Angeles working on his show. He has to be apart from our daughter and it will be hard. We know that in the future, the decisions we make has to be what is good for us as a family and not us, as individuals. I am an independent person that has always made decisions based on me alone, so that adjustment will take some time.

How do you like Singapore?

It’s warm! Definitely not wearing cashmere sweaters here. I went to Peirce Reservoir to see the monkeys. Tried kaya toast at Thomson, candied pork at Michelin-star Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle and Peranakan food at Violet Oon. I have been eating very well.