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Prestige’s 18th Birthday With Marketing Whizzes, A Singer And An Author (3Of4)

Family comes in all shapes, forms and even walks of life. To commemorate our 18th birthday, we invited a few from our tribe to share their precious jubilations as well as fondest memories of Prestige.


Paige Parker

Mrs Rogers is now a published author and this calls for a celebration

What does Prestige mean to you?
Prestige is the source for everything to enjoy an engaged life. Prestige brings us luxury, pure and simple. We learn about rising tech stars or stalwarts of Singapore, as well as the latest on fashion, wine, travel, jewellery.

Your most memorable celebratory moment?
Definitely Jim Rogers’ 75th surprise party at Zouk! He was shocked yet delighted to walk in and find a room full of friends dressed in his favourite colour pink, a mammoth heart with “Jim’s 75th” in neon, a bourbon bar to serve old-fashioned Southern cocktails, and our friend Frances Lee, a talented actress and singer, to serenade him with You’re the Top.

Your style hero?
A delightful mix of Daphne Guinness, Anna Wintour and Robin Wright.

Three things we don’t know about you?
I’m a soon-to-be author: My memoir Don’t Call Me Mrs Rogers publishes in October. My passion for gemstones led me to become a gemmologist. I’ve also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro three times; first with Jim; solo, and in June with Happy, who at 15 has bragging rights for life. I plan to do one last time with Bee, who is only 10, in another five years.


Mae Tan

Multi-label boutique Surrender’s marketing creative lets us in on her epic parties

What’s a workday like for you?
 I draft proposals, brainstorm ideas, and plan social media calendars and marketing initiatives.

Can you remember your 18th birthday?
On my 18th birthday I threw a huge party in a hotel villa and invited all my good friends! One of them was a DJ and offered to play, while another that runs an events company threw in the lights! It was pretty epic!

Best party you’ve been to?
There’s been so many! But the last time my friends from Australia visited, we scoured Singapore for 100 bottles of Moët & Chandon — and threw all of them into the hotel pool!

Best music for a party?
Hip-hop and R&B!

Your ideal night out?
It happens when you get home and still have energy to remove your makeup!

Life mantra?
Love endlessly, without judgement.

Dream vacation?
Outer space!


sabrina ho

The young and vibrant marketing director of Flower Diamond shares what makes a great party

Tell us about your last milestone birthday.
I didn’t celebrate my 18th birthday as I was studying in Melbourne. But for my 21st birthday, my mum threw me a party at the Movenpick Hotel. It was filled with love and I was happy to embark on my 20s.

Your best memory of Prestige Ball?
I have been to three, and I love seeing how all the elegant ladies dress up!

What makes a great party? 
Great friends and music.

Music to play at your party?
Contemporary pop that everyone can sing along to. For example, Maroon 5, Marshmello, OneRepublic, Avicii, David Guetta and Calvin Harris.

One thing we don’t know about you?
I love to play poker.


Seia Lee

Touching others with her chosen art form is an achievement close to the mezzo-soprano’s heart

Your idea of a great party?
Being with people I love. It could be a party of two or a group of 20 but it’s the people who make the place.

Your secret to happiness?
Finding joy in every moment.

Your pre-stage ritual?
I put on my jewellery. As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Your first time on stage?
I was chosen to perform at my university graduation concert. The only thing I remember is how painful my shoes were!

Most memorable performance?
I sung at the Dubai International Film Festival’s charity gala. After that, Luis Fonsi and Vanessa Williams came up to me and hugged me.

How do you celebrate each performance?
With a great vintage champagne after the show. And that is a tradition I have no problem holding on to!

The song that best describes your life?
Ecco, respiro appena… lo son l’umile ancella by Adriana Lecouvreur.

Greatest love of your life?
My family comes before anything and everything.

Best life advice?
Just do it! I think Nike was spot-on.


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