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Prestige’s 18th Birthday With A Fresh Grad, A Couple Of C-Suites, And One Retiree (2Of4)

Family comes in all shapes, forms and even walks of life. To commemorate our 18th birthday, we invited a few from our tribe to share their precious jubilations as well as fondest memories of Prestige.


Prestige's 18th birthday Adeline Teo

This business student just turned legal to party

Can you remember your 18th birthday?
Of course! I had dinner with my family and went clubbing with my close friends. My dad thought I should experience it.

Best memory of a party?
Our Chinese New Year gathering at home this year. It was the last one we were able to spend with my late grandmother, and we were in the company of all our favourite people.

Your idea of happiness?
Having the people I love by my side forever!

One thing we don’t know about you?
I keep a stash of potato chips in my bedroom in case I get hungry in the middle of the night!


Prestige's 18th birthday Franklin Tang

The CEO of Philip Tang & Sons wants to bring Singapore one step closer to becoming a Smart Nation

What was your most recent celebration for?
The launch of our app Habitap, which will be used in 5,000 homes. I am proud that we started the trend of integrating smart controls, smart community and lifestyle gateway into one single mobile app.

What exactly does Habitap do?
It addresses three different core aspects of modern day living with a single app. First, it operates the controls in your home, such as the lights or your CCTV camera. Second, the smart community feature helps you manage the living experience at your property, such as facility bookings. And third, it serves as a lifestyle gateway, as we’ve combined apps such as Grab and Deliveroo into one place. Last year, we achieved yet another first, expanding to commercial buildings. Our app is now able to replace physical access cards.

So how smart is your own home?
The honest truth is I haven’t had the time to completely implement Habitap at home. My wife appreciates some features such as lighting control, cameras and motion sensors, which are primarily targeted at monitoring our two-year-old son. We plan to build our very own Habitap home soon!

Franklin Tang hails from the 2016 class of Prestige’s 40 Under 40. For 2018’s list, click here.


Prestige's 18th birthday RHONDA WONG

Family is everything for the CEO of Ohmyhome app

Most memorable celebratory moment?
My father’s 60th birthday. He is always a generous one when it comes to sharing stories but when an event is all about him — such as a birthday, he becomes really shy. We hired a band to sing oldies and my two sisters and I gave a special performance. We choreographed and sang a medley of his favourite songs that were meaningful to the occasion. We invited only a very small group of his extended family. My dad was laughing and crying at the same time. He told us, “You changed my life.” That meant a lot to us.

Best party you’ve been to?
At the beautiful Pacha Ibiza club in Spain, where Calvin Harris spun his best set ever! It was special for many reasons. I was with my sisters and close friends. We had been travelling around Las Vegas, London, Paris, and Antibes, and had sailed into Ibiza from Cannes on an amazing yacht.

Music to play at a party?
EDM. I like its uplifting energy and strong sense of rhythm. It is colourful, vibrant, and fun to move to.

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What does family mean to you?

Success is calculated based on lives I’ve positively impacted.

Greatest invention of all time?
A home. It is where I forge memories with my family and escape from the hustle and intrusiveness of the world. I feel safe here.

Rhonda Wong hails from the 2015 class of Prestige’s 40 Under 40. For 2018’s list, click here.


Prestige's 18th birthday Adrian Mah

This serial entrepreneur takes us up to speed on the highlights in his life

New Endeavours?
I started Artisan Food Selections, Singapore’s first dedicated online retailer of Australian artisanal fine foods, spirits and wines, in November 2017. Another project I’m working on is HydraX Trader, a fully customisable professional-grade cryptocurrency trading platform, which launches end of the year. Users get a single point of access to multiple trading venues and professional trading tools.

You found love! Spill it.
Marrying my wife Cherilyn is something I consider a great achievement. We are different yet similar, and I feel blessed to have found someone who understands me like she does. I celebrate being with her, because she makes me want to be a better man.

What keeps you going as an entrepreneur?
Entrepreneurship is never easy. There is no blueprint to success and no beaten path to follow, and entrepreneurs encounter many roadblocks. So I think it is important to understand your motivations for doing what you’re doing. What drives you? Why are you doing this, besides money? These answers give you strength to persevere to overcome challenges.

How do you celebrate milestones like these?
With my family. They suffer with me through the hard times, so it’s fitting they should be there to celebrate the good ones. It’s usually a nice dinner and wine.


Prestige's 18th birthday Kevin Wong

Life after the corporate race is all about doing things you love, says the dynamic retiree

Tell us about a moment where you felt a great celebration was in order.
When my family and I moved into our new house. We’d spent more than two years designing it and overseeing its construction. It also marked a new chapter in my life as I was preparing to leave the corporate world soon after.

Key elements for a great party?
Fun-loving people with a common interest. Quality F&B with a good variety of alcohol. And, relaxing background music.

Best party you’ve been to?
My 60th birthday party. We had lots of fun with people who just let their inhibitions go and had fun with one another. And of course, there was plenty of alcohol!

You enjoy dancing?
I started dancing in the early 1990s. The pleasurable feeling of harmony combined with the flow of body movement and music led me to take up dancing. I would pick Fascination as my favourite piece of music. It not only pulls me onto the dance floor but also makes me feel like going back to dance school to do better.

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What is the gentleman’s secret to success?
When in your prime, never be afraid to change or take risks to achieve your goals as long as you have assessed and be prepared for the downside. I had made numerous such decisions in my younger days.

Your everyday wins?
Waking up healthy. Enjoying a cup of nice Hong Kong milk tea prepared by my wife every morning. Spending the rest of the day doing only things I enjoy in a relaxed manner.

For the full story, pick up a copy of Prestige’s Anniversary Issue in September 2018.

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