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Millennial collector: Pamela Ardana started her watch collection because of her twin brother

Every watch collector’s journey is different, not least because of their individual preferences and conviction. In part three of our watch special on millennial collectors, Pamela Ardana shows us her favourite timepiece in her collection.

Pamela Ardana watch collector Richard Mille Rolex Piaget
Pamela Ardana and her Richard Mille RM 005. (Photo: Simon Sim)

Pamela Ardana, 30

When it comes to style, Pamela Ardana knows how to stay picture perfect – on camera or off. Indeed, the social media influencer, who has just shy of 85,000 followers on Instagram, prefers to stay timeless, rocking body hugging dresses for understated elegance while keeping things fresh with occasional accents of colour – be it a bold red lipstick or slightly smoky eyes.

This style translates to her watch collection of stylish, gem-set ladies pieces, and some chunky sports watches for men – a surprise for someone who admits she prefers smaller sizes for her petite wrist. Her latest acquisition, for one, is an online-only limited edition Omega Speedmaster ‘Speedy Tuesday’ 2 Ultraman, which sold out all 2012 pieces within two hours of its launch. The watch is peppered with orange accents in tribute to its eponymous superhero, including a dash of it on the first three minutes on the minute totaliser sub-dial at three o’clock, for the 3-minute superhero mode that Ultraman is limited to.

Ardana, who started her instant coffee brand Luwak Coffee Global with a Singaporean partner in 2014, recalls her very first watch purchase – a whimsical acquisition under the influence of her twin brother. Call it twin telepathy, but she found herself unable to resist the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph with a panda dial that her brother had suggested. This was what started her off on her watch collecting journey.

A fashion lover at heart, Ardana shares that what began as a love for chunky, trendy watches has transformed into an appreciation for smaller vintage pieces that she values for their story. Whatever their appeal, the unifying theme in her collection’s watches remains – they have to be lookers on her wrist.

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Which is your favourite watch complication?

I love the tourbillon. It’s pretty therapeutic – you can even call it psychedelic – to see the entire escapement housed in a rotating cage, with the whole assembly constantly moving, just like in the Vianney Halter Deep Space Tourbillon, which I really hope to acquire some day.

Which piece in your collection will you never part with?

The vintage Rolex Orchid in white gold from the 1960s that I received from my mother.

What characteristics do you look out for when you purchase a timepiece?

I look out for its investment value, its uniqueness, and the story behind it. For example, the vintage Rolex from 1970s with the Quraish Hawk has the signature of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He was then the UAE defence minister and now prime minister, so the watch was likely a gift from the Sheikh himself.


Richard Mille RM 005

I used to like chunky watches, but now I find this one a little big for me. I’d say it is an edgier piece for when I am feeling it, and I love the rose gold without any diamonds on it.

Pamela Ardana watch collector Richard Mille Rolex Piaget
From left: Rolex Cellini with emblem of Saudi Arabia, and Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Date with Quraish Hawk. (Photo: Simon Sim)

Rolex Cellini with emblem of Saudi Arabia

I’m into vintage pieces, and my latest is this Rolex Cellini. It has Saudi Arabia’s emblem on its dial, and was most likely gifted as a present from King Fahd.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Date with Quraish Hawk

I acquired this piece, made circa 1970s, from a friend who never wore it.

Pamela Ardana watch collector Richard Mille Rolex Piaget
From left: Vintage Rolex Orchid, and Piaget Protocole (Photo: Simon Sim)

Vintage Rolex Orchid

I will never part with this piece – it was a gift from my mother.

Piaget Protocole

I couldn’t resist this purchase. I was blinded by the diamonds on it and I knew that I had to have it with all its bling.

Photography: Simon Sim
Makeup Keith Bryant Lee using Lancome
Hair: Edward Chong using Kevin Murphy
Location: The Grande Whisky Collection

A version of this story first appeared in Adore 2019 Magazine, now out in leading bookstores and on Magzter. 

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