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What Hush TeaBar Founder Anthea Ong Learnt In Antarctica

From the icy chills of the Antarctic to the sunny shores of Singapore, Anthea Ong of Hush TeaBar wants to institutionalise employee well-being.

Stress does not discriminate. Thus, Hush TeaBar is organising its bimonthly Hush@Community event, a way for people of all backgrounds to pause, slow down and achieve self-care as well as genuine connections with others. This will entail a four-zone session of quiet respite through tea-themed reflections, from tea art-making to tea-wisdom sharing. The experiential empathy is led by the deaf, with silence and in silence.

The upcoming May 17 event will be a special one though, as founder Anthea Ong returns from Antarctica to share with participants about her experience and what she has learnt.

Ong embarked on the icy journey with 80 other global change-makers from 22 countries, led by world-renowned explorer Sir Robert Swan as part of the 2041 ClimateForce Leadership on the Edge Antarctica Expedition. While fighting climate change was the main motivation, each global change-maker was also there to raise awareness for different causes. Ong chose to champion self-care and workplace wellness.

She facilitated a modified Hush@Community session in Antarctica. It was apparent to her that self-care was not on the minds of these leaders, mostly driven by passion and excellence, but all agreed that it is important. Ong concluded that the act of caring for oneself should be an intentional practice by the individual and institutionalised in workplaces around the world.

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Anjuli Pandit, head of UK sustainability of Banque Nationale de Paris, and a participant of the Antarctic expedition, agreed, “What can change is the ability to bring empathy and compassion to the workplace. Better self-care and employee well-being is to help managers transit from a traditional mindset of looking at the economic performance of the team to looking at the well-being of the team.”

And that was why Ong founded Hush TeaBar. The company hires the deaf as “TeaRistas”, who will guide participants through all tea reflection sessions of Hush@Community and Hush@Workplace events. To date, Hush TeaBar has impacted almost 2,500 employees during its Hush@Workplace workshops.

Unfortunately, many people still think work is worship, according to Raja Karthikeya, another member of the Antarctic voyage. The senior United Nations staff added, “There is not enough work-life balance today – workplace leaders should start thinking about how investments can be made in employees’ mental, physical and spiritual well-being. If this is taken care of, employees will give 200 percent into the organisation’s core vision.”

To learn more about self-care, silence and the South Pole, join the two-hour Hush@Community event held on May 17, 2018, which will take place at Found. – a network of innovation studios where ambitious entrepreneurs and corporate folks find coaching, expertise, and partners to create future-ready solutions.

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