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#Hashtag: New Power Mums And Their Little Bundle Of Joy

#Hashtag is an online column that susses out the latest trends and topics on Instagram. This week, we’re spotlighting three beautiful high-powered new mums, as seen on our feed.

Months ago, mega social media star Kim Lim shared with us her new take on life after the birth of her son Kyden Kho. In light of this, we’re celebrating three influential power mums — each with a great career and big social media followings — as they give their frank take on how their lives have changed with #motherhood.

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1. Claire Jedrek and Baby Oli Tyler Tan 

Singapore’s only female race car driver recently added the title of mother to her accolades — she’s also a presenter and the founder of Karting Arena. “I have no idea why I was worried about how I would handle motherhood. It’s been an absolute cracker of a journey,” Claire said. Prior to Baby Oli’s arrival, Claire and her husband Yuey Tan (also a race car driver) told themselves they would try not to change their lives — he would fit into theirs instead. ” [We figured] we’d strap him to our backs and go!” 

When asked how motherhood has been so far, Claire explains that practice makes perfect. “We figure the baby stuff out as we go. Every baby is so different, so we never compare ours to another.” Affectionally called their “little maggot”, baby Oli has been making his way around the circuit, and, judging by the outpour of love in the comments sections, into people’s hearts.

Her advice for new parents? “Do what you feel suits you, don’t feel bad for decisions and lastly make sure the milk cap is on tight…spilt milk really does make you cry!

 2. Sara-Ann Shuen Krishnamoorthy and Baby Milo 

My little monchichi… . . My favourite photos @vernonztan has taken of me and #miloGMT to date. I know me sharing pics of him are really rare. They will continue to be. But these two, taken more than a month ago have a special place in my heart. 1) Because V seldom takes nice / flattering shots of both me and baby in one photo. Seriously. This is rare. 2) The second photo is #reallife – I want to remember even the small moments. Changing his diapers. Changing his clothes. Because he'll only be this size for a short while. And I want to treasure each moment we've got. . . Btw #thisisnotasponsoredpost – but I really have been enjoying our monthly shoots at @kidspicturesstudiosg – we're using them to chart his growth and it really amazes me how much his looks change from month to month. I don't notice it when I'm tired and stressed out and he's chewing my boob like jerky. . I'm sure this fascination with documenting his growth is probably a first kid thing. And if we're blessed with more offspring… We'd prob only be taking photos with our phones. 😂But I'm enjoying this little man and moments like these for now. #MILOve

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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and journalist, presenter and social media celebrity Sara-Ann Krishnamoorthy agrees. Taking care of the baby from morning to night can be a lonely and isolating experience. But her secret is her husband Vernon Tan. “Every time I’ve needed more help with the baby, he’s always stepped up.” Sara is one of the lucky ones as her relationship has improved by leaps and bounds after the birth of baby Milo. “The trust is deeper, the love is greater and our bond is definitely stronger”

Show a little love. That's all the world needs. For you to show a little love and compassion for your fellow man. I'm proud this year to be involved with the #BeGreaterSG movement. A campaign to remind Singaporeans to be kind. Sometimes we get so caught up with our own lives, we tend to forget the plights of others around us, overlook them in our rush, or worse, ignore and avoid them. So with this, I wanted to write a little note to my hubby.. Dear @vernonztan, remember the day we went to collect baby's passport? You queued for an hour at that famous bak chor mee place after. I remember it started raining as we were walking back, and pushing baby to the car when I saw that uncle. Sitting at the corner of the MRT station next to the ice cream man… Selling toilet rolls and tissue paper on the floor. I caught wind of him saying in Chinese that he needs to sell to get his next meal. As we turned the corner, nearing the carpark, I was convicted to ask you, "Can we please give him one of our noodles?" You hesitated, "I don't know babe. But he doesn't seem very mentally sound. I don't want to, but I will if you want me to." You packed a bowl of noodles with cutlery, as well as the single cup of barley water we had, dashed back into the rain and under the shelter to give it to the uncle. Then you squatted and had a chat with him. I was so proud of you in that moment. I remember proudly telling #miloGMT what a great example of a man you are. And that I hope he grows up to be a man like you. You came back, darting in the rain. A huge grin on your face, saying, "He blessed me with a packet of tissue paper." And excitedly shared the conversation you two had with me. It was such a small, simple act. Giving up something you queued up hours for. But I'm glad you reminded that uncle, that he mattered to someone. That we've got his back. Even if it was for one meal. Sometimes. That's all it takes. To be greater and step up for that one moment. Find out more about the kindness movement at @KindnessSG. #KindnessSG Because I want my son to grow up in a world that is kind. Be Greater. For our future. 📸: @narcissisthephotographer

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Her husband aside, Sara is frank about the support system power mums need. “Motherhood isn’t all roses. It’s extremely demanding physically, emotionally and even mentally…But having girlfriends who are going through the same experience as well as a village to lean in to are all essential to you growing into your new role as a mum.”

3. Su-Lyn Tan and Baby T3


CEO and co-founder of Ate Group and food author Su-Lyn Tan is no stranger to motherhood — Baby T3 is her third child. She tell us that her experience of motherhood this time is different. “Other aspects of my life are more settled at this point. The business is more mature, and I have a business partner and team that enable me to contribute to our workflow in a more focused, higher-value manner.”

Her third time around is also made a tad easier as she’s experiencing motherhood with expectant and new mumpreneurs. “Our troubleshooting, sharing, ranting and mutual encouragement make this journey less lonely. It has helped me to keep my head clear and develop life strategies.” 

We've been slowly recalibrating our lives to include an additional member to our family. Mealtime seating plans are rife with politics. Sleeping arrangements are bound to get hairy when I fully take on nighttime care of our littlest in addition to the other kids this coming week. . I'm utterly grateful that my work fam has accorded me the luxury of being able to devote the bulk of my attention to domestic responsibilities while I'm on maternity leave. It's a tough balance to pull off as an entrepreneur. . We’ve mostly been housebound, baby and I. I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this carrier that accommodates newborns (although my 大包 isn't a tiny dumpling anymore). I honestly prefer to use a carrier most of the time. It frees my hands to get things done or to just pat my older son on the head and hold on to my little girl’s hand. And I feel that babies tend to be happier held close. . T1 loved being in one. It made traveling with him so easy. I remember trekking up to see snow monkeys in Arashiyama with him (then a toddler) strapped in one. It also made navigating crowded places while he napped (usually our opportunity to squeeze in a spot of shopping) a breeze. . T2, on the other hand, hated being in one. So this time, I’m starting T3 early. Hopefully, he’ll settle well in this carrier when we head out for appointments for the first time this coming week. 🤞🏻 . The juggling continues. #notapaidpost . . . . . . . #motherof3 #momof3 #momofthree #growingboy #raisingmen #lifewithboys #boymomlife #boymom #mybaby #mybabyboy #momlife #motherslove #workingmom #mommyandme #brothersandsisters #girlboss 📷 @aun_koh

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One of Su-Lyn’s biggest challenges with motherhood is her age. She explains that at 45 years old, it took longer for her to recover, and the sleep deprivation takes a more evident toll. “But I’m also now more attuned to my body’s needs and have a greater capacity to take care of myself.”

When asked how life has changed with the birth of her third children , Su-Lyn says she has learnt not to sweat the small stuff. “Cliched as it sounds, life changes in the most unexpected ways when you have children…The only constant seems to be change. However, I am forced to acknowledge my limitations a whole lot more – and  I need to refine the order of my priorities more closely.”

Life at home hasn’t looked much like this of late for a multitude of reasons. As I continue to juggle in the neverending fashion that all mothers do, the thing that kills me most is the feeling that spending any quality time with my littlest baby right now is akin to having an illicit affair behind the backs of my other children, my household and my work (yes, work still sits heavily on my mind while I’m on maternity leave). . My baby boy and I are like two ships that pass in the night. My only constant presence in his life right now seems to reside in the bottle of milk he receives every three hours. . It’s incredible how babies grow exponentially at this point of their lives. At 8-weeks-old he’s already insatiably inquisitive and demands to see what’s going on around him. It’s agonising that I'm unable to always be the one who guides him through all his first experiences. . The guilt women weigh ourselves down with brinks on being irrational. I feel guilty when I’m on holiday, when I’m at work and when I’m at home. I always feel that there’s something else I ought to be doing—somewhere else I ought to be. . So, I’m currently struggling to regain control over regular programming in this season of My Life. . . . . . . . #growingboy #raisingmen #lifewithboys #boymomlife #boymom #siblinghoodlove #mybaby #mybabyboy #momlife #motherslove #workingmom #brothersandsisters #motherof3 #motherofthree

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A common struggle mothers feel is mum guilt. In the post above, she speaks with candour about the pressure mothers feel. “l I feel guilty when I’m on holiday, when I’m at work and when I’m at home. I always feel that there’s something else I ought to be doing—somewhere else I ought to be.” But it’s clear that she’s acing motherhood, especially so when she describes her other two children.

This Little Miss is struggling with being both big sister and little sister all at once. It’s tough for her and a challenge for all the people around her. . One moment, she’s charming you with unexpected thoughtfulness well beyond her years, and the next, she’s driving you barmy with her regressive infantile finagling. . But we realise that it’s an understandable phase of adjustment for her. That said, it’s been an incredible experience witnessing her transformation in the space of weeks as she has transitioned from baby of the family to an elder sister overnight. . There are some parallels between her passage into elder siblinghood and her older brother’s. However, many intricacies are unique to her. Often, her capacity to harness her nascent feminine wiles enchants even as she aggravates. And it is particularly—and amusingly—apparent when she applies them on her father. . Each day, my children find new ways to teach me life’s greatest lessons. I’m cherishing this special week away with her at this turning point in her young life. . . . . . . . #girl #girls #motherdaughter #momlife #motherslove #daughter #motherhood #momof3 #daddysgirl #fatherdaughter #fatheranddaughter #mommyandme #workingmom #familyholiday #middledaughterlove #middlechild

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As she puts it so poignantly above, “each day, my children find new ways to teach me life’s greatest lessons.”

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