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The Gentleman And His Game: Shaun Tay (2Of4)

In this series, where we speak to four gents, Vice President of Business Development at Ellipsiz Ltd Shaun Tay shares how he keep active amid a hectic schedule.

Married with two sons aged one and two, Shaun Tay was an avid tennis player but took up golf eight years ago as a way to spend more time with his dad. Describing it as “a thinking man’s game”, he plays off a handicap of 13 and his best score carded was 73. Shaun Tay currently plays on the Hugo Boss Golf team that competes in the Business Times Corporate Golf league.

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Any special sports ritual/gear?
I like to listen to some music before a game as it takes my mind off work and helps me focus on my rhythm. I wear Hugo Boss Golf apparel for its innovative design and intelligent features, and not because I play on the team.

How obsessed are you with the sport?
I wouldn’t say I am obsessed, but I am definitely passionate about golf. I enjoy the social aspect of the game and fortunately playing competitive golf is not what I do for a living.

Greatest fantasy?
I do not fantasise, I prefer to plan towards.

Any Vices?
Not to my knowledge.

Success to me is…
Achieving happiness and contentment with your life.

Greatest challenge ever faced?
Becoming an adult and having to decide on the type of person I aspired to be.

Any regrets?

What we didn’t know about you?
I am a big fan of Chinese classical music. My ambition when I was a boy was to be an engineer. I have a reasonably good sense of humour.

Any favourite app?
I enjoy using Spotify.

If you could be anyone for a day…
My wife, Marilyn. I would like to understand where she finds the strength to put up with someone like myself.

What makes a perfect date?
Pub-hopping in London with the wife.

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