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Star Pieces at the Jewels of the Orient exhibition

From a colour-changing sapphire to vivid garnets, diamonds and rubies, the Jewels of the Orient showcase is a feast for the eyes

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but here’s a stone that could give them a run for their money: The Star of Genesis, a rare 48.95-ct colour-changing star sapphire that appears blue under white light and violet under incandescent light. The cabochon-cut Burmese stone is unheated and derives its name from its asterism, where the reflection of light rays forms a star-shaped effect on its surface. Worth US$10 million and surrounded by 11ct of pear-shaped diamonds, it is undoubtedly the star attraction of Jewels of the Orient, an ongoing gemstone exhibition organised by Hong Kong-headquartered jewellery company Genesis-Global Group.
Also on display at the 150-strong showcase are gems from Mozambique, Australia, Russia and Kenya, valued at around US$30 million in total. Among the highlights is a stunning 2.77-ct Paraíba tourmaline ring from Brazil, which is set in 18k white gold with glittering diamonds. Radiating a rich neon blue glow, the stone is believed to be close to extinction.
Other noteworthy jewels include the eye-popping 15.07-ct orange Spessartine garnet in 18k white gold and bedecked with diamonds, the vivid 5.65-ct pink Burmese spinel ring adorned with pink sapphires and dazzling sparklers, and a pair of imperial red, white and green Burmese jadeite earrings set in 18k white gold.
With its range of lust-worthy gemstones and exquisite diamonds, the exhibition looks set to be a treat for jewellery aficionados.
Jewels of the Orient is held at Parkroyal on Beach Road till October 18