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Jennifer Fisher launches exclusive collection on Net-a-Porter

We chat to the New York-based jewellery designer on her exclusive collection for the online retailer.

How did your previous job as a stylist help you in your career as a jewellery designer?

Being a stylist was amazing prep for becoming jewellery designer. As a stylist you must be very nimble and resourceful. Being a designer is not much different except for the creative aspect of design. I have learned to think quickly and change a design if it is not working mid process. It also helped me learn not to take anything personally. Not everyone will love my jewellery. I’m OK with that. There is something for everybody in my collections – from fine customisable jewelry to bold fashion jewellery … I can at least try.

How has the line evolved from your signature tags?

We seem to evolve in different directions each year as my personal style changes. It started with only a few of the fine customisable pieces and that line has grown into diamond and monogram cuffs and bold, edgy fine jewellery. The fashion jewellery came after the recession,  when I was making huge gold cuffs for editorial placement and started to experiment in plated brass jewellery. It gave the same effect with an added bonus of weight, which gives the pieces a rich feel. It was originally more rock and roll with gothic words and skulls. Now the pieces are much more fluid and minimal. I want my jewellery to feel evergreen and be worn throughout the year season to season.

What do you think it’s the appeal of charms and tags?

Everyone has something personal that means something to them that they want to represent, male or female and regardless if you are a parent or not. My jewellery works for all ages and style. It can be a simple dog tag with a name and diamond cuff bracelet with a date or an earmuff with a monogram … Personalised jewellery resonates with everyone. We also do Chinese symbols and Roman numerals.

What was the starting point when you created exclusive pieces for Net-a-Porter?

We wanted to give the pieces a clean fine jewellery appeal at a great price point, so they can be layered and worn in multiples. I am currently wearing four sets of the charm necklaces stacked on my neck today with jeans and a T-shirt. I can also wear them out tonight with a dressier look.

Do you remember the first jewellery piece you bought or received?

It was actually a Cartier panther watch from my parents when I turned 16. I still have it and will pass it down to my daughter. I also have charms from my parents from all of their travels. They are all together on a huge charm bracelet. This is not of the reasons I think I gravitated towards charms for my business. I remember going to a jeweller when I was younger and asking to transfer them to a chain as a charm necklace. They thought I was insane and it was on odd idea … I wonder what they would say now!

Do you look at what happens in fashion and how does it influence your designs?

I look at what I want to wear for the next season and my style. Yes, I do look at what’s trending but I never want my pieces to be so trendy that they are not wearable time after time.  I am my customer so I want to design for “my girl”. Right now all of the clothing is so printed and embellished and the line is reflecting it by being more pared down and clean.

Do you remember the first item you bought on Net-a-Porter?

I can’t remember! I have bought so much! I shop on Net-a-Porter every day! My doorman and neighbours make fun of me with the bags daily …