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Talking gems with Alessandra Ambrosio

We chat with the Brazilian supermodel at the opening of Italian jeweller Pasquale Bruni’s first boutique in Asia.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s appearances on red carpets never fail to amaze stargazers, especially since she stepped out in Pasquale Bruni pieces at last year’s Venice Film Festival. The Brazilian supermodel was the special guest at the official opening of Pasquale Bruni’s first Asian boutique, at Wisma Atria, where we got to chat with her about her affection for gems, her relationship with the Italian jewellery Maison, and how she connects with her daughter through their common love for all that glitters.


How did your relationship with (Pasquale Bruni Creative Director) Eugenia Bruni begin?

We met in Venice and I wore her pieces for the (2015 Venice Film Festival) red carpet, and since then we’ve had a great relationship. I love her pieces and they’re unique, she does something very different from the other brands, and you can definitely see when it’s a Pasquale Bruni piece.


You chose Pasquale Bruni’s Secret Garden collection then.

Yes, I wore it before, and I’m wearing it again (right now). There’s a certain kind of clothes you wear, (and these jewels match it) perfectly. They’re sophisticated and feminine at the same time, which is incredible, and you can wear them during the day or at night — it’s very versatile.


Besides the Secret Garden collection, are there others that you’re fond of?

The (Animalier) collection they launched that comprises the frog rings — it’s beautiful — and the (Madame Eiffel collection). I just tried its pieces, it’s amazing.


What makes Pasquale Bruni different from other brands you’ve worn on the red carpet?

It’s hard to find somebody who can do something classic but at the same time so contemporary. It’s one brand where you can find it all. Even the big rings, they look very classic and then you look at them from the side they have star, moon or heart designs — that makes it young and fresh too.


You’re a friend of Eugenia’s and you’re here as a special guest. Would you consider making that relationship something more official and permanent?

For sure! I’ll definitely keep wearing her jewellery because I’m a fan and a friend, so for me that’s the best way to work. And to wear pieces by somebody I know, it’s the best.


To you, what makes jewellery timeless?

It’s definitely about quality, the design and the brand. There are few brands that will go a long way. Pasquale Bruni has the brand name and history, and you can trust the pieces — everything is like a piece of art.


Do you work closely with Eugenia on the jewellery?

I wear her pieces, I don’t help her — it’s all her, she’s the one who designs everything and (the brand’s resident gemologist Daniele Bruni) buys all the stones. I think what they do is incredible as a family business. It’s a 40-year-old business, it’s so nice to see a family together and do such a wonderful job.


Speaking of family, is jewellery something you share with your 8-year-old daughter, Anja?

Oh for sure. Every piece I buy is one day going to be hers. She loves jewellery and so do I. I remember all the women in my family love jewellery, so I’ve been inspired since I was a little girl.


Does Anja have a favourite piece of yours now?

Not yet, she’s too young. She has her own pieces. When I go buy jewellery for myself I always get her a nice ring or a beautiful necklace or earrings, but they’re all for kids.


Has she started on precious stones yet?

Yes, diamonds. … This frog (ring from Pasquale Bruni), if she sees it she will die for it, she’s gonna want it.