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We chat to Angela Orlov, one half of the husband-and-wife team behind Orlov Jewelry.


I was always in love with jewellery. After university, I started to work in the jewellery business with other brands, because I just loved the industry. And then one day I met my now husband Christian, and he was already working in the gemstones business. So I decided to create something on my own. This was 24 years ago. We are very young as a brand but we’ve been in this business for a long time.


I graduated from University Saint Petersburg in Russia and then I got a masters degree in London for Contemporary Modern Arts. Afterwards, I started some interior design work but it was more like a hobby for me. I always loved design, beauty, decoration and home interior design. I just love beautiful things.


Every piece of ours is unique because we work on the stones first. The most important thing for us are the beauty and quality of the stones. Our pieces are not everyday jewellery. We make one-of-a-kind pieces, which will make you look twice. Most of our jewellery should be worn at night.

Natural emerald and white diamond earrings by Orlov

Natural emerald and white diamond earrings by Orlov


All our pieces are all opulent. Each piece is inspired by the Russian culture, because I grew up in Saint Petersburg. Since I was a kid, I’ve been appreciating all the beautiful things there. Also, we travel around the world quite a lot. I always visit museums. That’s why I really want to visit India because they are very famous for their designs. They are great designers, especially in jewellery.


We have some celebrity clients but we also have some clients who are royalty and some very important Russian customers. A few socialites too, but most of them are discrete people, you know, because we are selling more of an investment-type of piece with great value.


I’m involved in every stage. We design in Monte Carlo and I work there with some assistance, of course. Once I get the stones, I work around it. My husband gets the stones but we share our duties in the family. He is more responsible for the stones, the organisation and the management and I take care of the design. We use stones like rare rubies over ten carats, rare ovals and, of course, diamonds. But we are more specialised in stones: emeralds, rubies and sapphires.


My favorite piece is a ruby cuff, which for me, is absolutely exceptional. It’s a 12-carat Pigeon-blood ruby cuff, which is very rare and very beautiful. We worked on this piece a lot. We also have the same one in sapphire.

A diamond and ruby cuff, with a 12-carat Pigeon-blood ruby at its heart, by Orlov

A diamond and ruby cuff, with a 12-carat Pigeon-blood ruby at its heart, by Orlov


We have a shop at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. At the moment it’s closed because it’s under renovation, but it will re-open in 3 years.

And people see us all around the world at exhibitions or events. We’ve also been to St. Moritz, Moscow and Dubai. We always make our events beautiful and elegant. Our events are not something for the mass market, it’s basically through invitation or by appointment.