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Damiani: When Two Become One

Tradition and modernity come together seamlessly in Damiani’s selection of wedding and engagement rings.

The notion of wearing an engagement or wedding ring on the fourth finger of one’s left hand dates back almost 6,000 years, when ancient Egyptians believed the vena amoris (which means vein of love) ran directly from this finger to the heart. This belief proved to be scientifically inaccurate, but the “ring finger” concept stuck — and has become a deeply rooted tradition across cultures today.

It is perhaps only fitting then, that this age-old custom be honoured with a ring borne from generations of tradition. One such jeweller that prides itself in this is Damiani. For nearly a century, craftsmanship techniques, design know-how and an unwavering passion for workmanship have been passed down through the generations within the jewellery manufacturer, resulting in beautiful pieces that are both timeless and elegant.

Today, Damiani continues to celebrate its rich heritage as a jeweller with pieces that meld both tradition and innovation. An example of this is the solitaire ring from its Bocciolo collection. Drawing inspiration from the floral theme often featured in founder Enrico Damiani’s designs dating back to the 1930s, the ring presents a sinuous, rounded form that recalls the harmony of nature and showcases an enveloping setting that encircles the diamond delicately like a crown of petals, accentuating its beauty.

Other highlights from the brand’s extensive range of solitaire rings include the Elettra, which presents the diamond in a classic six-prong setting that shows off the gem beautifully; Promise, a stylish masterpiece designed in collaboration with Hollywood star Brad Pitt, which displays a central diamond ensconced within and supported by a spiral; and Queen, which has a pink gold band around its six-prong setting to create a crown-like vessel to hold the diamond.

For those who value exclusivity above all else, Damiani also allows for the creation of a unique engagement ring through its Heart-Made By You service. From the choice of material to the type of setting, the options are limited only to your imagination.

A symbol of eternal love, Damiani weddings bands are all created with (at least) one small diamond enclosed within them — like a precious secret only the couple wearing them is privy to. An example is the D.Side ring, which showcases two concentric rings held together by brilliant-cut diamonds set in special half-moon prongs. Another simple and tasteful rendition of this hidden diamond concept is the NOI2, available in varying band thicknesses and materials.

Diamonds can also be set externally, as displayed in the Belle Epoque, a distinct piece that pays homage to early 20th-century Paris and borrows design cues from the geometric pattern of a film frame; as well as the Metropolitan Dream that is characterised by its play on textures and displays a grid-like design that holds up individual diamonds between the gaps.

Trite as they might be, some traditions are still worth keeping.

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