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All sparkles at Singapore Jewelfest 2016

The event returns with more focus on investment-grade high jewellery pieces that are perfect on and off the red carpet.


1. Pleats Please ring with a 7.97-ct certified unheated tanzanite and diamonds from Simone Jewels
2. Necklace with a 13.73-ct Afghan emerald, sapphires, diamonds and tsavorites from Caratell
3. Transformable ombre sapphire and diamond earrings from Kavant & Sharart
4. Butterfly ring with a 5.035-ct sapphire and 1.81-ct tanzanite from Moiseikin
5. Brilliante necklace with diamonds from Paolo Costagli New York
6. Cobra ring with a 9.79-ct cushion modified brilliant-cut emerald and diamonds from Scavia 


1. Signature pearl necklace from Chavana
2. Transformable diamond necklace with diamonds from Jaipore by Ritu Aurora
3. Ring with a 5.83-ct D-IF rose-cut diamonds from Sirus Tanya
4. Sain bangle from The Jewel Box
5. Transformable necklace with jadeite, rubies, diamonds and sapphires from Dilys’
6. Sapphire flower brooch with diamonds and sapphires from Charisma Gems
7. Bangle with a 38.37-ct tanzanite, diamonds, sapphires, spinels, rainbow moonstone and aquamarines from Panchoo


1. Diamond necklace with a heart-shaped 5.53-ct colourless diamond from Zydo
2. Earrings with sapphires and rose-cut diamonds from Entice
3. Ring with a 2.21-ct fancy intense green diamond from Moriya Diamond Boutique
4. Transformable necklace featuring a 19.370-ct pear-shaped briolette diamond and other diamonds from Mouawad
5. Ring with a 17.83-ct natural emerald and diamonds from Leonori Gioielli
6. Transformable necklace with pink and white diamonds from Imperial Fine Jewelry by Arisawa
7. Ring with a 5.51-ct natural star ruby and diamonds from Kiai
8. Necklace with jadeite, diamonds and tsavorite garnets from Dawn
9. Earrings with unheated pigeon’s blood rubies from House of Fine Jewels
10. Ring with a white South Sea pearl, fancy-coloured sapphires and amethysts from Hodel Presented By Ivy Masterpiece
11. Ring with a 53-ct tanzanite and diamonds from Mouawad


1. Earrings with sapphires and diamonds from Shree Jewels
2. Bracelet with a natural intense fancy-coloured diamonds and diamonds from Infiniti Jewels
3. Necklace with 37 grey Tahitian pearls from Yoko London presented by Lee Hwa Jewellery
4. Earrings with yellow and white diamonds from Fook’s Jewelry
5. Ring with a 0.72-ct natural fancy pink diamonds and diamonds from Yoel Deil Diamonds
6. Ring in rose gold and black rhodium finishing with diamonds from Lee Hwa Jewellery


1. Necklace with emeralds and diamonds from Malpani
2. Necklace with a certified 18.04-ct deep violet blue tanzanite and diamonds from Massimo Raiteri
3. Ring with a 23.19-ct certified natural unheated Sri Lankan star sapphire and diamonds from Renee Jewellers
4. Ring with a 22.66-ct Zambian emerald and diamonds from Sequins Jewelry
5. Earrings with Namibian chalcedony, sapphire and brown diamonds from Esvara Viva
6. Ring with a 1.01-ct natural yellow diamond and white diamonds from SJ Solitaire Jewels
7. Ring with a 16.66-ct blue indicolite tourmaline from Swiss Bernina

Singapore JewelFest 2016 will run till October 16, 2016 at Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza