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The Tiffany & Co. 2018 Blue Book Collection

Tiffany & Co. unveils its 2018 Blue Book Collection — a bold expression of creativity, craftsmanship and innovation.

It’s exciting when we get news of a new collection by Tiffany & Co. With the latest 2018 Blue Book, it took just a glance at a few behind the scenes shots, and we dare say, this year’s collection is nothing short of spectacular.

Titled The Four Seasons of Tiffany, the collection highlights five themes: winter, spring, summer, autumn and colour therapy. “The Tiffany Blue Book Collection serves as a laboratory for developing groundbreaking concepts that will one day make their way into new collections,” says Reed Krakoff, Tiffany & Co.’s chief artistic officer. “It’s where our most creative, experimental and innovative ideas begin.” 

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So what do you get you mix unparalleled creativity, inspiration drawn from nature and exceptional gemstones? Simple. A girl’s best friend. Behold:


The idea behind the winter pieces was to showcase the seamlessness of ice when it’s cracked and broken. Within the theme is one of Tiffany & Co.’s most exemplary designs — a necklace composed of over 91 total carats, of 237 uniquely cut diamonds that mimic an iceberg adrift on a sea of platinum.


This spring theme was inspired by the randomness and asymmetrical beauty of nature. Take for example, the hydrangea designs that reveal an intricate clustering of flowers where groupings are off-centered. The mixed-cut diamonds juxtaposed with multi-hue sapphires create a beautiful ombre effect.


Come summer, come playful moths fluttering about. An 18k yellow gold bracelet anchors different size moths that appear to be in flight or landing, allowing the natural pattern and movement of these creatures to give this classic chain a modern update. The brilliance of these playful moths was created with 1,115 round brilliant diamonds of over 6 carats and 23 marquise diamonds set in platinum.


This season lends a softer tone to the collection, featuring an interplay of gemstone colours and cuts. In particular, there is a stunning necklace where overlapping chains reveal a fern motif that emerges and gently unwinds down the back. This necklace’s elegant silhouette creates a fluid line with mixed-cut diamonds is set in platinum, including 9 marquise diamonds, over 5 total carats, 333 round brilliant diamonds, over 5 total carats, and 85 diamond baguettes, over 21 total carats.

Colour Theory

And finally, the collection comes full circle with the colour theory theme, which sees a plethora of colours from intensely saturated colored gemstones to white diamonds. The theme captures the subtle shift in palette of the four seasons, and proudly displays Tiffany’s heritage of sourcing the world’s rarest diamonds and colored gemstones of unsurpassed quality. 

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