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Think Pink

Rosé is the drink – and hue – of summer, but now, we tell you how you can wear this fashionable colour all year round.

Welcome to the Millennial age, where feminist, multidimensional Miranda would be the star of Sex and the City instead of lovesick, man-crazy Carrie. You may not realise this, but we have taken stereotypically passé things like record players and Prohibition-era beards and made them cool again. My favourite resurrection is ‘Millennial Pink’.

Only a few years ago pink was relegated to the style section where those who aspired to be Paris Hilton or clung to pre-shaven-headed Britney would go look. These days, there has been a resurgence that ostensibly began in 2015 when Pantone announced Rose Quartz as their colour of the year. The colour that has since taken the cultural consciousness by storm is something akin to Barbie pink with the blue taken out.

In order to keep our readers ahead of the curve, we’ve curated a host of pink-hued items for you – be it for the summer or into the cooler months. Scroll through the gallery to take a look.