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Burberry’s First Straight-to-Consumer Collection

You can shop the entire runway collection — all 250 pieces of the 83 men’s and women’s looks — now in boutiques or online.

“Tonight’s show marked a very special moment for us — it was the culmination of a series of important changes we made designed to bring our collections closer to our customers. The collection was influenced by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando — a love letter to the past and to English history, and a kind of dressing up box to visit and revisit.

Inspired by this, tonight also celebrates the start of an amazing partnership with The New Craftsmen. Together, we are opening the doors to “Makers House” — a space for visitors to experience the British design heritage that is so integral to us and everything we do, and also a chance to be immersed by the work of some of the most exciting creators, and the innovation and inspiration behind their craft.”

— Christopher Bailey, Burberry chief creative and chief executive officer


For the first time, Burberry showed the men’s and women’s collections together in a new format and calendar designed with the global audience in mind.

Stemming from the interior and garden designs of Nancy Lancaster (known for creating the quintessential English country house look), and the exploration of how a house changes over the centuries motivated by its inhabitants, The September Collection comprising 83 men’s and women’s looks — with a number of gender-fluid styles — also draws inspiration from Orlando. Influences from Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel about an Elizabethan nobleman who undergoes sex change and lives on into modern times is evident from the mix of noble and authentic fabrics that combines cashmere and pyjama silks with denim and sweatshirting.

Toppers play a major role in the collection, such as the deconstructed trench coats, regimental capes, coats and jackets (including The Cavalry Jacket, The Military Tailcoat and The Parade Jacket), waisted field jackets (including The Floral Field Jacket), and pea coats. To balance the heavy and structured pieces are romantic ruffle-neck shirt and slouchy pyjama-style trousers.

Look out for the key bag of the season, the new Briddle Bag for both men and women, which takes its style cues from classic British equestrian designs and Burberry’s outdoor heritage.