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Travel In Style With The New Longchamp X Shayne Oliver Collection

Stepping out of a long-haul flight will never look better, lugging around pieces from the Longchamp X Shayne Oliver collaboration.

Struggling to globe-trot in style? These jet set-friendly designs from the latest Longchamp X Shayne Oliver collaboration offer some sartorial travel flair, combining New York cool with Paris chic.

The founder of New York-based cult menswear label Hood By Air, Shayne Oliver, has splashed new colours such as millennial pink all over the French Maison’s iconic Le Pliage tote. Bold graphics of words like “Hiatus” and “Realness” are also seen stamped on the bags.

Longchamp X Shayne Oliver

To Oliver, “Hiatus” means ‘a gap’ or ‘a break.’ He says, “It was very important that I took a break… I feel like [this collaboration] was a great way of speaking about what was going on in my life — about needing to take a hiatus… and focusing on where I was heading, which is this new project ‘by Shayne Oliver’, a series of collaborations with brands that have great heritage and renowned craftsmanship and putting my own spin on it. These bags are meant for the realness of life, it is less about having it be logos.”


Designs have also been reimagined on other travel accessories, shoes, and ready-to-wear for both women and men. Perhaps the most avant-garde, high-flying pieces in the inventive collection are the T-shirts and jackets. One must be able to handle wearing a T-shirt style that incorporates the handles from the Le Pliage (pictured below); or a jacket featuring the bags (again, handles and all, pictured above) as puff sleeves.

This was done by Shayne Oliver to mesh the old branding and new one together. “I liked how this project had a strong sense of heritage and a different perspective that was based in people’s everyday lives. I was inspired by this. For me, living in New York, Longchamp is part of the, dare I say, streetwear, because a lot of people own Longchamp bags. It has a language that feels very organic to me. New York is my home and it will always be what I am inspired by, but Paris is fashion.”

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