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Opera Gallery hosts Prestige readers at new ION Orchard premises

Throwing the spotlight on its portfolio of contemporary artists, Opera Gallery Singapore brought out new works, champagne and canapé.

Guests at this intimate cocktail session were not only among the first to experience Opera Gallery Singapore’s new street-fronting premises at ION Orchard (it relocated from the second floor), but were also among the earliest to view a selection of works by Spanish artist Manolo Valdés ahead of his first major exhibition in Asia. The large-scale portraits by his countryman Lita Cabellut likewise generated buzz among art enthusiasts, who chatted in hushed tones and sipped champagne as they explored the new Opera Gallery space, according these works the reverence they so deserve. An art consultant was on hand to provide guests insightful details to the works, including those by Wang Keping, Joe Black and Andre Brasilier, although the masters themselves — among them Marc Chagall and Bernard Buffet — needed no introduction.

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