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Legendary pop “icons” at our annual Yellow Brick Road charity party

Legendary pop “icons” gathered in one room for our annual Yellow Brick Road charity party.

Only at our annual Yellow Brick Road charity party can you find so many legendary pop “icons” gathered in one room! Guests enjoyed free-flow champagne, cocktails, wines and whiskys while partaking in games at Capital Zouk. The night was emceed by actor Paul Foster, while best-dressed went to Grace Wong (unrecognisable as Lady Gaga), Kareena and Omesh Fabiani as Yoko Ono and John Lennon, and Kam Sook Wei as Britney Spears. In aid of The Yellow Brick Road Project, the night raised over $150,000, with funds providing support to children whose parents are or have been incarcerated, with the aim to adequately care for and lead them down the correct path in life.

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