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Wedding: Jonathan Kwan and Park Sung Hye

A three-year long-distance courtship and a wedding with fast cars and Korean piano tunes.

After a three-year long-distance courtship, Jonathan Kwan, director of special projects of Kwanpen, and Park Sung Hye, 33, are finally together in Singapore as man and wife. They celebrated their wedding on June 18 with a dinner for 500 guests at the Island Ballroom of Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore. Kwan is the grandson of Kwanpen’s founder, and son of current president, Leonard Kwan.

Recalling their love story, the groom shares: “Sometime in April 2013, my friend organised a BBQ at his house. Some of our friends complained that our BBQs are boring because they are always all-guy gatherings. So I called some Korean female friends to join us. When I heard they had a friend visiting from Korea, I naturally extended the invitation to her.”

“The visitor and I got to know each other at the BBQ as we talked through the night. Through her previous job, she came to Singapore often and we progressively met up during her visits. Or we would meet somewhere else in the world where my work took me. Our three-year courtship was a long-distance one.”

“In July 2015, during one of her work trips here, I booked a suite at W Singapore Sentosa Cove. I proposed to her during a swim in our private pool.”

The wedding was modern and classy — with a twist. The wedding emcee was Diana Ser and a pianist played modern tunes by South Korean composer, Yiruma. The mainly white theme — from flowers to candles in glass jars — set the romantic scene. But guests were in for some action and excitement. A video showed the groom as a modern knight racing to the wedding in his Porsche. The groom then entered the ballroom and waited halfway along the aisle for his bride who was led by her father. The groom then led his bride the rest of the way and up to the stage.

Both bride and groom were involved in giving their personal attention to detail to their big day. This included flying in top South Korean hair and make-up artists who work with singers and actresses. And choosing Porsches in red, yellow and blue — colours associated with the groom’s alma mater, Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) — for the wedding convoy.