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Wedding: Jonathan Kwan and Park Sung Hye

A modern wedding with style, forfeits and fast cars.

Wedding: Jonathan Kwan and Park Sung Hye

Jonathan Kwan and Park Sung-Hye tied the knot with a few exciting twists on 18 June, which showed off the groom’s sporty and sporting side, and his beautiful bride’s sense of style. Kwan, the director of special projects at Kwanpen, is the grandson of the luxury brand’s founder and son of current President Leonard Kwan. Park has just migrated from South Korea to Singapore. Before the groom enters the Island Ballroom of Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore for the bridal march-in, there was a video of him as a modern knight racing to his wedding in his Porsche is shown to guests. “I always wanted to do a video of me and my cars, so my friends and I got together and filmed an exciting march-in video,” Kwan shares.

The bride’s beautiful gown is by Zuhair Murad.

Korean makeup artists known for their work with celebrities were flown in to do the bride’s hair and make-up.

Close-up of the bride’s manicure and rings. All jewellery is from The Canary Diamond Co.

When the groom arrives at Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore, he and his groomsmen must first play a few games set by the bridesmaids. These included a dancing game and a yoga pose…

…before the groom is finally allowed to see his bride.

The groom presents his bride with a tasteful bouquet of flowers.

Porsches in red, yellow and blue – colours associated with the groom’s alma mater, Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road) – are part of the wedding convoy

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Watch the video of the groom racing to the wedding.