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The Sareen’s Holi Party

It was that time of the year to attend GS and Rewa Sareen’s biannual Holi celebration.

With spring in the air, it was that time of the year once again to throw caution to the wind — by showing up at GS and Rewa Sareen’s for their biannual Holi blowout on the grounds of their Bukit Timah home. With long-time friends and industry stalwarts in attendance, this year’s affair included the customary buffet line of north Indian cuisine, an open bar, endless amounts of vibrant coloured powder (for smearing on your mates) and a well-received set by urban balladeer Rabbi Shergill. A combination of mischief and exceptionally hot and humid weather this year also meant that the pool and Jacuzzi saw extra action, with numerous guests — including unsuspecting members of the Prestige team — winding up dunked, fully clothed!