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Porsche launches the 718 Boxster

Guests were transported back to the 1960s for a visual feast of the all-new mid-engine car.

Guests were brought back to the 1960s at the launch of Porsche’s all-new mid-engine roadsters, the 718 Boxster and 718 Boxster S, which have been renamed to pay tribute to the brand’s 718 race car. Held at the Infinite Studios at Media Circle, the space featured a cardboard cut-out of the iconic legend, a shoe shine station and a Volkswagen Kombi van, along with music from the era. Hosted by Hossan Leong, the event saw 400 invitees in attendance who feasted their eyes on the latest generation of the cars, which now sported a more aerodynamic design and newly developed turbocharged engines.

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