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Socialite and fashion blogger Bryanboy gives us some travel tips and spills the beans on his favourite hangouts

CITY LIFE: I have a lot of favourite cities. Stockholm for sure because my fiancé lives there and I also love Hong Kong. I feel like Hong Kong is probably one of the best cities in the world. The food is good, there is so many things to see and it’s very compact. It’s just inspiring to be here. I also love Sydney and Zurich. Zurich is just so quiet. I love the architecture. I love how everyone is well dressed and it’s really beautiful. Zurich is very architectural to me. I love shooting there.


RESTAURANTS: I love En Japanese Brasserie in New York and Café China on 37th street. It’s authentic Chinese food in New York. It’s very Sichuan and very spicy. I love spicy.

SHOPS: I really like Selfridges in London. It’s one of those stores where you just go and spend like four hours inside and then you’re done. And I definitely love Acne Studios in Stockholm. I call it the Church of Sweden, because every time I go to Sweden, I always go there. It’s the first thing I do.

HOTELS: I love the Amanpulo in the Philippines. It’s a beautiful resort. I also love the Royal Mansour Marrakech. In Hong Kong, I really like the Upper House. It’s such a beautiful hotel. And Landmark Mandarin because of the bathtub. It’s huge. You can fit like 6 people there. It’s incredible.

In London, I love Hotel Café Royal. Hotel Café Royal is just so chic and it’s super centrally located. You can walk everywhere. And the rooms are gorgeous, they are huge. In Paris I usually stay at The Peninsula. It’s great.


At the moment, I’ve been wearing a lot of Gucci. It’s just so easy to wear and I really love their new direction. Now everyone is buying it, everyone is wearing a Gucci slipper. I feel like for me, it’s perfect in a way. It’s great for my aesthetic. As much as I love menswear, it’s a different version of menswear. It’s not like the traditional suit, it’s more romantic and it’s more vintage. It’s young and it’s colourful. I also like Loewe. I’m obsessed with their puzzle bags. It’s very modern. And Valentino men. I have so many suits from Valentino. A lot of their printed suits, and their sweaters. Those three brands are just things I’m really obsessed with.


During fashion week in 2009 when Dolce & Gabbana sat me in the front row, beside Anna Wintour. It’s like Dolce & Gabbana made a statement in accepting us, online influencers, as part of new media. I think that was definitely one of my favourite moments. Also, meeting the creative people at the shows. I feel like it’s a privilege and it’s an honour meeting these people you admire for so long.


My personal style is very eclectic. I really mix and match. I wish I had a signature style but it really changes every day. It’s interesting how lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of suits. The older I get, the more allergic I’ve become to black. It’s so difficult to wear black. I wish my style was consistent but it’s not. I love clothes. I like to play with them.


A very strong pair of shoes. I love statement shoes. I love the Gucci fur slippers. I also love a statement coat. I specially ordered this salmon fur coat from Jason Wu. I’m a cold person so a strong coat will last you for so long. I also love small bags. It’s just something easy. I love the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle. It’s interesting how before, I used to be a big bag person, but when all these small bags came out, it kind of taught me how to edit what I carry. Essentially you can just survive with cigarettes, keys, a lighter, chewing gum, cell phone and a lip gloss.


I bring everything. During fashion week, I always have seven suitcases. I love this website,, Basically, you can just ship your luggage around the world. All you do is leave your luggage at the hotel and they’ll pick it up. It’s really affordable and it’s cheaper than paying for excess luggage. I always bring a portable steamer. It’s one made by Philips that I bought from Fortress recently. I love steaming my clothes. It’s just so easy. I also bring portable speakers with me because I’m in love with music and I spend a lot of time in the hotel rooms.


When I went to India in 2011 and spent three weeks in New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It was magical. I love India. I really want to go back. I went with my fiancé. Another memorable trip that I’ve taken this year was when I went to Hvar Island in Croatia. It was just beautiful there. They have really raw and unspoiled beaches and islands. I definitely want to spend more time in Croatia.


It’s funny when my friends visit my hotel room. They always go to my bathroom and then they see that I have all my toiletry kits. Over the years, I’ve spilled so many liquids in my bag, so what I try to do is carry a roll of plain wrap with me so it wraps your toiletries and it doesn’t spill open. Also, I have one suitcase for my shoes and accessories and another suitcase for clothes. No matter where I go, whether I’m going for two days or three weeks I always have two suitcases with me. It’s important to separate shoes and clothes. I always keep everything in its original dust bag. It’s just important. And for coats, I always wrap them. I have a really thin garment bag for all my clothes. So they don’t get ruined.


I love Jonathan Anderson from Loewe, Alessandro Michele from Gucci and Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri from Valentino. Also, I have so much respect for Karl Lagerfeld. Karl is just a genius. Especially, now in this day and age where designers are leaving all the time or being fired. It’s an interesting time. Karl, who’s 82-years-old, does the collections for Chanel and Fendi, his own line and has all these little projects too. Respect. He’s very witty and so personal when he’s talking to you. He just focuses on you and he has an incredible sense of humour.


When I literally just want to shop I go to Net-A-Porter or Mr. Porter and it’s done. Sometimes, going to the actual store is a luxury because I don’t have a lot of free time. Net-A-Porter is the best.