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Event Photo Gallery: Tonya Tan’s Cocktail Birthday Party

And instead of presents, the birthday darling requested for donations to be made to the Yellow Brick Road Project.

Birthday girl Tonya Tan hosted a cocktail party at WooBar at W Singapore. The white-themed bash saw her girlfriends dressed in styles ranging from sporty luxe to sexy and elegant.

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tonya tan

Guests were given wristbands for alcohol or non-alcohol when they arrived. Yummy bites of pizzas, canapes, cheeses, vegetable sticks and desserts were artfully arranged on the bar top.

tonya tan

Instead of presents, Tan requested for donations to be made to the Prestige-spearheaded Yellow Brick Road Project, which supports children of incarcerated parents.

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Click on the images below of the lovely ladies in white as well as some highlights of the birthday bash.

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