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Three things to know about McLaren’s new showroom

Jolyon Nash of McLaren shares about the significance of the Brit automaker’s new Singapore showroom.

A new dealer-partnership with Eurokars

Perhaps the most important factor that brought to fruition a new, more spacious 915-sq-m showroom. Previously brought in to Singapore by Wearnes Automotive, McLaren is now represented by Eurokars Supersports (under the Eurokars Group of Companies), as the sole authorised retailer here. “[Eurokars] is the perfect partner for us here because they really understand customers; they really understand luxury. They have a brilliant service, which is the kind of partnership we need,” says Jolyon Nash, the executive director for Global Sales & Marketing at McLaren. The partnership with Eurokars started in the second quarter of this year. “Eurokars see a significant future for McLaren in Singapore and they were happy to invest,” he adds. Other car marques under the Eurokars name include Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Mini, Saab and Mazda.

More cars on display

McLaren now has a broader range of cars than it’s ever had before, with its Ultimate Series, Super Series and the Sports Series among favourites. So now with a dedicated showroom for the brand, the space is a lot larger than what the car marque used to enjoy due to physical capacity constraints. “Here, you’ll see downstairs we have two highlight areas. We can probably comfortably display five to six cars,” Nash explains. Other than its global favourite, the 650S, and the new Sports Series addition, the 570S, the latest 675LT from the Super Series will also be a highlight in the showroom (the Brit automaker has also recently announced plans to launch the Spider derivative next year with a limited production of 500 cars).

More focus on the customers

The new showroom for McLaren Singapore will also be supported by a fully operational aftersales area, which aims to enhance the personalised customer service. “It’s got a dedicated workshop; you can stand in the showroom and see exactly what’s happening in the workshop,” Nash describes, adding that it’s probably “one of the best I’ve ever seen”. “It’s like a hospital operating theatre. You as a customer can watch what’s happening inside the showroom.” The customer lounge on the second floor is a plush, white space complete with a mini bar area for customers who are waiting for their car to be fixed or to chat with one of the salesperson. “It’s an ideal environment for the kind of customers that we’re expecting to sell cars to,” he says.
The new McLaren showroom is now located at 5 Leng Kee Road