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Meet Land Rover’s most powerful car

The Range Rover Sport SVR will be the first Land Rover to wear the high-performance badge. 

Petrol heads, say hello to Land Rover‘s fastest and most powerful vehicle ever produced — this is the Range Rover Sport SVR. 

Having arrived in Singapore earlier today, the SVR has been equipped with the range-topping five-litre V8 engine. This supercharged heart is able to push the car to produce 550bhp and 680Nm of torque. And just how fast is it? Getting from zero to 100km/h is done is just 4.7 seconds, a mean feat for an SUV that weighs approximately 2,300kg. Not to mention that it has lapped Germany’s legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife race track in just eight minutes and 14 seconds, one of the fastest times ever recorded by a standard production SUV. 

And for top speed? It stands at 260km/h. 

A true combination of luxury, refinement and off-road capability, this Land Rover has been engineered to increase maximum boost pressure during high-performance driving, while retaining the engine’s flexibility for off-road versatility and on-road acceleration. This means drivers will get the best of both worlds with the SVR. 

Other factors that add to the dynamic drive of the car is the smooth and responsive eight-speed ZF 8HP70 automatic transmission, 22-inch Continental SportContact 5 tyres, revised chassis settings and a four-wheel-drive system. Design enhancements include larger air intakes in the front bumper for better airflow to the two charge air coolers, revised bonnet vents and an all-new aluminium fender panel. 

Available by order only, the SVR also comes in a choice of seven colours, including Estoril Blue, a hue exclusive to this car. 

“The Range Rover Sport SVR is a natural progression beyond the core vehicle’s outstanding on- and off-road capabilities and leading-edge design. Its exhilarating performance will satisfy a particularly demanding customer set,” says John Edwards, managing director of Land Rover’s Special Operations unit. 

We can’t wait to put this lean, mean road machine to the test.