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A gathering of 8 Rolls-Royce Phantoms

A special exhibition will see these signature cars from the last 92 years congregate in London.

Petrolheads, Roller fans and history buffs, get ready. An exhibition featuring eight Rolls-Royce Phantoms from the last 92 years will be gathering in London come July.

The Phantom, the English luxury carmarker’s signature model, first made its debut in 1925 and has since witnessed historic moments the likes of treat signings and global events that have defined our world. According to the brand, it has carried celebrities, politicians and famous individuals, including Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower and members of The Beatles. In celebration of this legacy (which still continues on today), Rolls-Royce will bring together the most famous examples of seven previous generations of Phantom at The Great Eight Phantoms exhibition from July 27 of this year. Every Rolls-Royce Phantom is an exceptional car, but this particular collection will include some very singular cars owned at some point by famous individuals, witness to some of the most significant moments in the making of world history.

This event will mark the first time that this group of iconic luxury motoring pieces will be gathered under one roof. Over the next few weeks leading up to the exhibition, Rolls-Royce will continue to announce which other great Phantoms will make the trip to London to tell its grand story and the historical events they’ve shared a part of. The first of the lot is the Fred Astaire Phantom I, which will travel across the Atlantic to Mayfair from the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

The Fred Astaire Phantom I is a car from the golden age of Hollywood. Astaire, a multi-talented American dancer and choreographer, kept the Phantom until 1950 and it today contains accessories such as a vintage Louis Vuitton motoring trunk.

And while 2016 marks the end of production of the Phantom VII, 13 years after its release in 2003, we will welcome the arrival of the eighth generation at the never-to-be-repeated event.

The Great Eight Phantoms, a Rolls-Royce exhibition, will be held at Mayfair, London from July 27 this year and is expected to run throughout the summer.