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Go on an adventure with BMW

Trawl through the great outdoors with the German automaker and see Africa in a different light.

Imagine encountering one of the Big Five game animals residing at the Erindi Private Game Reserve. Or heading off the beaten path to soak up the magnificent sights of the Erongo Mountains. Or braving the scorching sun while drifting through the sand dunes of the Namib Desert — all while in the cushy confines of a luxury car.

Expect all that and more with the BMW Driving Experience. The German brand is organising the first-ever Safari of a Lifetime this October, inviting participants to take in the sights of Namibia in not just its versatile BMW X5 but also on horseback. Think of it as a meeting of horsepower and equine-power in a rugged but alluring landscape.

The nine-day quest begins upon touch down in Namibia at Okapuka Lodge, with a sundowner horse ride during which participants can get up-close with giraffes, wildebeests, rhinos and other wildlife in this first introduction to the safari.

The itinerary over the next few days devotes itself to exhilarating drives, all of which are designed to fulfil wanderlust as well as put the BMW X5 to the ultimate test. Taking on bumpy, often mountainous terrains, gravel tracks, dusty river deltas and sand dunes, drivers will personally discover how BMW engineers have masterfully equipped this SUV with unparalled off-road capabilities.

By day six, having had your fill of rock formations and abandoned mines, you’ll be ready to leave the magnetic desert behind, and embark on a boat ride on the Atlantic Ocean near Sandwich Harbour. Here, opportunities to spot marine life the likes of seals and whales abound.

After driving back to Okapuka Lodge from the coast, a full-day equestrian experience through the Otjihavera Mountains awaits. Eagles, mountain zebras and kudu bulls are but a few native animals that call this wilderness home.

But more than a spirited adventure, the nine-day programme has also been tailored to offer insights into the country’s rich heritage and traditions. Participants will admire historic cave paintings and fascinating rock formations in the Erongo Mountains, meet with Bushmen, Namibia’s indigenous people, to learn about their culture, as well as tuck into a hearty barbecue dinner under star-studded skies.

With limited seats available for this immersive Safari of a Lifetime, there’s really no reason to hesitate.

The BMW Driving Experience will be held from October 3-11, 2017 and is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

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This article is brought to you by BMW.

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