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Andrea Baldi: On the new Aventador S

We speak to the general manager, Asia-Pacific, of Automobili Lamborghini on the brand’s next-generation V12. 

Launched in Singapore back in February, the Lamborghini Aventador S represents the next level of super sports cars for the Raging Bull. The new-generation Aventador was born with the idea of “making something perfect even more perfect”, as shared at the presentation. Which sees the car sporting new design features for even better aerodynamics, a new four-wheel steering system, redeveloped suspension, a more powerful naturally aspirated V12 that outputs 740 horses, and a century sprint time of under three seconds. 

Exactly how much more aerodynamic is this coupe? According to Andrea Baldi, general manager of Asia-Pacific for Automobili Lamborghini, the design has provided a 130 percent increase in front downforce. New side air vents help to reduce turbulence, improve cooling and increase inefficiency. “You have visionary design, cutting-edge technology and driving dynamics in pure harmony,” he says. 

And to make driving this car even more spectacular, there’s a new driving mode, aptly named Ego, that allows drivers to customise the traction, steering and suspension to suit his driving needs. Baldi shares more about the Aventador S with us. 

The Aventador S is the first production model to have the LDS and LRS systems. Tell us more about this four-wheel-steering system and how it affects the drive experience of the car.

The new four-wheel steering essentially gives you enhanced lateral control and a more responsive feel when driving. At low and medium speeds, the system adjusts to improve agility, and at high speed, more stability. The Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS) on the front axle is tuned for a more natural and responsive feel; the active Lamborghini Rear-wheel Steering (LRS) is able to react in five milliseconds to your steering movements. The Aventador S is very much about performance and driving emotion. We wanted to create a car that not only delivers powerful performance but also one that is perfectly attuned to the driver’s desires. With the new four-wheel steering system, we have been able to engineer one that senses even the smallest movements and is able to adjust its systems to deliver an even better driving experience. 

What are some key points about the Aventador S Coupé that sets it apart from others in its class?

The Aventador S is developed around a “total control concept” and we have put the driver at the centre of the entire design process. It has a new V12 engine with 740 horsepower, which gives excellent acceleration performance at any engine speed and lightning-fast responsiveness on a full 40 horsepower. The four-wheel steering system gives unprecedented driving dynamics and the most intense driving experience, especially when in Ego customised driving mode. 

How were the previous Aventadors received in Singapore and how does the new Aventador S Coupé expect to do better?

The success of Aventador so far has been impressive — since 2011, this car has been setting a new standard in the dreams of super sport cars fans and in Singapore, among the Lamborghini’s key markets in Asia-Pacific, Aventador was a great hit. Singaporean customers are mature connoisseurs of sports cars, the Aventador for many has condensate all what they were looking for and the car is today even more an unmatched player in the exclusive arena of the best street legal cars in the world.

What are some of the customisations that customers can do to distinguish their very own Aventador S Coupé?

Our bespoke programme, the Ad Personam, is designed to make every Lamborghini unique, allowing each customer to create his own “customised” super sports car, by choosing colors, leathers and equipment outside those in the standard range. There are literally countless possible combinations of customisation and Lamborghini also offers to each customer the chance to meet our experts in Sant’Agata Bolognese, a unique experience to enjoy fully the Ad Personam programme visiting our facilities and configuring the details of the car. 

When can customers in Singapore expect to receive their order?

The first lucky customers who have submitted the order already will receive their Aventador S in Q3 of 2017.