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10 concept cars of 2017 we want to see in real life

We round up our favourite concept cars launched so far in 2017 and hope automakers will make them a reality.

1. BMW i Vision Dynamics

Since BMW‘s release of its electric cars — the funky-looking i3 and the sleek-chic i8 — the automotive world has been waiting to see the brand’s next move. And at the recent IAA Cars 2017 show in Frankfurt, Bimmer has finally revealed its (hopefully) future model: The i Vision Dynamics concept car. Fitted with an all-electric drive system with a range of 600km, this powerful concept vehicle promises to hit an acceleration time of four seconds flat and a top speed of over 200km/h.

2. Jaguar Future-Type

This is a fully autonomous concept by the British automaker. Jaguar‘s Future-Type makes us want the future to come quickly because this concept car is so smart, you can even tell it when to get ready so you can make it to that 8am meeting on time. Couple that with the car’s intelligent Artificial Intelligence steering wheel, Sayer (named after the designer of the E-type) that lives in your home and is able to do 101 things for you, whether it’s to summon your ride, book a dinner reservation or even tell you what groceries you have in your fridge. And it helps that the Future-Type looks like something nifty you’ll expect from the Year 3000.

3. Mercedes-AMG Project One

This concept ride from Mercedes-AMG is one to satisfy your adrenaline urge. Also revealed at the recent motor show in Frankfurt, this two-seater show car brings Formula 1 plug-in hybrid technology to the road. And just how robust is the Project One machine? Its powertrain — which comprises of a hybrid turbocharged combustion engine with four electric motors —  is said to produce over 1,000bhp and reach top speeds of 350km/h. And other than its powertrain, what’s not to love about this concept car’s gull-wing doors, shark-like fin on the back and aggressive yet sexy silhouette?

4. Audi Aicon

Presenting the future of Audi. The autonomous Audi Aicon concept car is one that shows what the future holds in terms of the German brand’s design and technological abilities. Get inside and the car seems like a movable boardroom, where the interiors are open and the dashboard is free of the usual buttons and control systems we’re used to seeing in cars today  Created without steering wheels or pedals, the concept vehicle is designed for purely electric operation and is said to cover distances of between 700km and 800km on one charge. Drivers can control the vehicle via voice control or eye tracking, though we can’t help but wonder if it’ll be able to pick up on different accents.

5. Infiniti Prototype 9

It’s like finding a futuristic ride that was created in 1940s in an abandoned old garage. Infiniti‘s concept car, which was shown at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, sports design cues that are reminiscent of that from decades back. Yet, the Infiniti Prototype 9 features a modern electric powertrain that delivers 148bhp of power and 320Nm of torque. This retrolicious concept may not be the most boisterous one on the block but it certainly is bound to get your neighbours ooh-ing and aah-ing if it’s displayed on your front porch, don’t you think?

6. Bentley EXP12 Speed 6e

Here’s a convertible we wouldn’t mind cruising down the highways, top down and with our favourite tunes turned up loud. The Bentley EXP12 Speed 6e concept car, which debuted at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, has a stylish body kit with copper highlights, while its iconic matrix grille comes with a smoked stainless steel finish and an illuminiated “6” logo. Copper accents also accentuate the inside, paired with the interiors’ natural wood finish. And yes, since automakers are all about going electric and eco-friendly, Bentley too is on this bandwagon so this grand touring concept also runs on electric.

7. Mini Electric Concept

The design is still unmistakably Mini but having announced plans to launch an all-electric series-production model in 2019, the brand is taking this year to showcase its prowess on the electric mobility age with the Mini Electric Concept car. Launched in Frankfurt, this car is designed to deliver the brand’s characteristic go-kart feeling with powerful electric motor. We love how this car combines the recognisable design of Minis and inserted design elements to make this concept look so futuristic-chic. This is one car that we will most likely see on the roads in the near future.

8. Toyota GR HV Sports Concept

There’s something to anticipate at the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Sneak previews of this exciting concept car by Japanese automaker Toyota have been making its rounds on the Internet and we’re already loving its look. The GR HV Sports Concept hybrid comes with a targa top and will be fitted with an automatic and manual transmission. Not much has been revealed about this one yet so we’ll probably know more at the end of the month during the Asian auto show.

9. Renault Symbioz

Renault went all out in Frankfurt to present this concept, building even a modern house to go with it. After all, the Renault Symbioz concept car is positioned like a living room on the go. Meant to be integrated into owners’ lives, the car runs on a purely electric powertrain under the hood, while the interiors boasts plush armchair-style seats that can swivel all around. And of course, the car will run autonomously, making the idea of a mobile home a reality.

10. Hyundai FE Fuel Cell 

We’re all for protecting the environment and that’s what Hyundai wants to work towards in the future. Part of its efforts to introduce more eco-friendly models like the Ioniq by 2020, the Korean automaker launched the FE Fuel Cell concept car at the Geneva Motor Show early this year. The FE in its name stands for Future Eco, which are meant to reflect the green technologies built into the car, such as its internal air humidifier. This nifty concept also features an integrated storage and charging space for your electric scooter, demonstrating Hyundai’s aim to deliver mobility solutions to match future lifestyles.