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#Hashtag: Fast Lane Livin’

#Hashtag is an online column that susses out the latest trends on Instagram. This week, we’re jumping into the driver’s seat of some of the slickest rides we’ve seen on our feed.

Caution: Dangerous curves ahead. Fuel your inner petrolhead with us this week with our supercars special.

We’ve selected some of our reader’s most treasured, most polished and most finely tuned rides from our Instagram (@prestigesg) feed for you to peruse this week. So strap in.

1. 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2

You might think that asking a professional racer what kind of car he likes to drive is akin to asking a trader what’s his favourite currency. But for Porsche Carrera Cup competitor Yuey Tan (@yuey_tan), that’s definitely not the case.

At first glance, Tan’s understated silver 911 appears like any other of its make. But take a closer look and its apparent that this is no regular Porsche. It is, in fact, a vintage 911 from 1984.

“I had the car fully restored upon buying it,” Tan says proudly. “The 3.2 Carrera is a very usable everyday Porsche that’s extremely reliable.”

Though Tan has a dizzying car collection that would make Tony Stark jealous (he counts a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Range Rover and — of course — a Porsche 997 GT3 in his garage), Tan’s a faithful man through and through – he very much enjoys taking his 3.2 Carrera on a daily spin.

2. 1966 Jaguar 420G

If the term “sporting limousine” sounds like an oxymoron, Brian Bonde and his classic 1966 Jaguar 420G are here to prove you wrong.

“It’s so iconic and so advanced for its time,” Bonde enthuses. “It’s not fast by today’s standards, but it can (reach) 96.5km per hour in 10 seconds on its straight 6/4.2 litre engine.”

Translation? It’s got moves. Listen to Bonde talk about the 420G, and it’s clear how passionate he is about collecting and restoring classic cars. “I love its unique British heritage, the smell of leather and the aesthetics of its walnut interior,” he says.

3. Ferrari 458 Spéciale

Our first baby together!! LOL 😂 @bryantanjy

A post shared by Carmen Ow (@rougekisses) on

Compared to the other two entrants on this list, Carmen Ow’s (@rougekisses) Ferrari 458 Spéciale may seem like an outlier, but this hot-blooded Italian supercar can sure keep up with the best of them.

What makes this particular Prancing Horse unique is the fact that it’s possibly the last naturally aspirated V8 that Ferrari will make, but that’s not the only thing that makes this 458 Spéciale so — ahem — special to Ow: It was also her father’s wedding present to her back in 2015.

Ow and her husband, Bryan Tan, both avid car enthusiasts, have also affectionately dubbed their 458 Spéciale the “first baby” that the duo have had together. A very sweet sentiment — although we don’t think that babies are meant to possess torque ferocious enough to break speed limits in the time it takes to sneeze.

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