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By Invitation Only: 5 Top-Tier Credit Cards In Singapore

These credit cards boast the best perks and privileges for society’s finest.

Credit cards aren’t just a way to bag the most miles. For the elite and society’s bigwigs, all it takes is a flash of these cards for everything to fall into place. But like all things, including “It” bags, high-end jewellery and top-of-the-line cars, credit cards too exist in tiers, and at the very top are cards that are only available through invites.  These credit cards are so exclusive that not anyone with a high net-worth can own them. Ahead, we’ve listed five of the most prestigious, by-invitation-only credit cards to own in Singapore.

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1. American Express Centurion Card

(Photo credit: American Express)

It’s been name-dropped countless times in songs, movies and books. So exclusive (and elusive) is this card is that up to the 1990s, it was thought of as a myth — you won’t even find it on the Singapore site. What’s famously known about the card is its hefty annual fee, which is said to be more than $7,000. Of course, this could just mean petty change for its target clientele of the ultra-rich. In a nutshell, here’s why the Centurion card is so coveted: It’s the gateway to the best travel services out there, including a dedicated concierge and travel agent, access to swanky airport lounges, automatic elite status at luxury hotels and rooms, and first-class flight upgrades. The card also opens myriad doors — it grants you memberships to the most prestigious private members’ clubs and even personal shopper services.

2. DBS Insignia Visa Infinite

(Photo credit: DBS)

In terms of bragging rights, DBS Insignia Visa Infinite will certainly offer you that — it’s the first Singapore credit card to be fully metal. And it’s good-looking too, as it’s decked in bronze and gold plating and uses cursive etching for the cardholder’s name. For new clientele, the welcome bonus is enormous; upon joining, you’ll be rewarded with 100,000 air miles. It’s not hard to fathom why the card is so desired: It has a credit limit is $1 million and offers significant benefits. You get luxurious two-night stays at more than 40 luxury hotels and resorts in Asia, unlimited Priority Pass membership for access to over 1,000 airport lounges globally as well as airport speedpass access for fast track immigration in airports within Asia.

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3. Citi Ultima

(Photo credit: Citibank)

For an annual fee of almost $4,000 a year, Citi Ultima assigns you a major asset: A Lifestyle Relationship Manager to cater to not only your credit card preferences but your investments, shopping needs or whims and fancies.  The customised services hardly stop there. As the second most expensive credit card in Singapore, you can expect incredible rewards. Cardholders receive a Diamond with Hilton Honours, which gives you the best perks for your hotel stays, luxury retail, top restaurants as well as unlimited Priority Passes.

Some of the most prestigious credit cards offer you luxury yacht access. (Photo credit: Oleksandr Pidvalnyl)

4. UOB Reserve Card

(Photo credit: UOB)

Have at least $2 million in your reserves and you may be invited to own the UOB Reserve card.  Like other by-invitation-only credit cards, the UOB Reserve Card offers myriad travel and lifestyle benefits, including special First or Business class fares, and access to ritzy airport lounges across the globe, as well as complimentary memberships to hospitality clubs. But what this card reportedly has above the others is this: Cardholders are able to purchase unlimited discounted miles from UOB at a rate of $19 per 1,000 miles.

5. Maybank Visa Infinite Card

(Photo credit: Maybank)

Black credit cards often symbolise wealth, status and success and the Maybank Visa Infinite is no exception. True to its Visa Infinite family, the card offers its upscale clientele a wealth of travelling privileges. Live the jet-set life with VIP treatments: Kick off your transatlantic travel in style with complimentary limousine airport transfers and access to Changi Airport’s private terminal. Then, breeze through immigration with fast-track passes and luxuriate in world-class lounges in between transits. While you’re abroad, use your card to earn as many miles as possible. Every $1 spent in foreign transactions earns you five Treats Points, which is equivalent to two air miles.

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