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Henry Jacques Opens Its First Standalone Boutique in Singapore

This is a place you need to visit if you’ve been wishing for your own customised scent, bottled by French perfumer Henry Jacques.

A personal perfume collection is no less important to a refined society than an elegant wardrobe.

For the past 40 years, Henry Jacques has only provided bespoke services that served many royalties. It was only three years ago, when Anne-Lise Cremona, the daughter of its founder, Henry Cremona, decided to have a “commercial” line, thus starting the Les Classiques range where it was retailed at the luxurious “shop-in-shop” boutique at the top level of Harrods, London.

According to Parfums Henry Jacques, there isn’t a true luxury perfume house around this region, hence the decision to open here and introduce it to the market. So, Singapore will boast the first standalone boutique, located at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which will be ready in early December 2017.   Here, you will be able to sample the entire range.  There is a choice of two sizes – 15ml or 30ml.  The former will retail from S$800 onwards while an indicative price for bespoke perfume will start from S$25,000 up.  The valuable liquid gold will be contained in a classic crystalline flacon with a dauber.

Bespoke Session

If a client wishes to have a signature scent formulated, in exclusivity for themselves; to have their very own perfume scent, a meeting can be set up for consultation and discussion with the boutique manager or sales ambassadors. They have all undergone rigorous training and are equipped with the right expertise to host the bespoke consultation. Based on previous experiences, the session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours. It also depends on how elaborate the client wants to go with it.

Using the full 50 essences (from the existing Les Classiques collection) as base, they will gauge the client’s tastes and preferences, with their input. Armed with all the relevant information, the laboratory in France will start work to formulate three different samples of bespoke perfume. Depending on the client’s preference and the raw material ingredients used, the formulas can vary to formulate the first three scents.  Some compositions need to macerate or sit for a longer time to enhance the desired scent which can add a bit more time to the process. If the client finds his/her signature scent amongst the first three samples, then it will be quite a fast process, typically between one and three months.

When at the next appointment, and if these are not exactly what the client has in mind, the fragrance house will continue to work on the formulations to the client’s satisfaction. As for the “packaging” of the bespoke perfume, the client can choose from one of their existing crystal flacons for their bespoke perfume or to have a total bespoke crystal flacon that is drawn and designed specifically for them.

Here, again, time is elastic.

Bottled Up

Parfums Henry Jacques also shared that if a client wishes to have an existing bottle design in a different colour, for instance, this would take about three months to manufacture at the crystal makers. For the client to approve it and the manufacture time, around three to six months would be more accurate.

A total bespoke flacon that is designed especially for the client with no existing mould from scratch would be roughly six to eight months. There could be a possible meeting with their Artistic Director, Christophe Tollemer, to design the flacon, meaning, a trip over to Paris for the creative consultation. The process is to first design it, then have the mould made at the crystal makers, receive a prototype and then validate it for manufacturing. The faster the client decides and chooses, the sooner the flacon will be delivered.  In both cases, there will be a minimum quantity required for the crystal maker to manufacture them. This will also be discussed with the client at that time.

When you finally get your scent and flacon right, what is left is to name your own bespoke fragrance.  Maybe you should start on a list of possible names prior to starting on the bespoke trail…

Henry Jacques is located at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Unit 01-08A


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