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5 benefits of the new Kundalini Massage offered at Capella Singapore’s Auriga spa

Mind-body harmonisation is the focus of the new Kundalini Massage at Auriga spa, sure to make any weary working soul an energiser bunny once the 90-minute treatment is done.

Why perform yoga when you can lie on a massage table the whole time and reap pretty much the same benefits? At the start of 2018, the latest Kundalini Massage at Auriga Spa in Capella Singapore will be offered to guests. Tailored especially for new-age busy bees, the harmonising aromatherapy massage was reportedly conceived with the help of renowned LA-based Kundalini Yoga instructor, Guru Jagat, whose A-list clienteles include Alicia Keys and Kate Hudson.

Here’s how the new treatment can bring forth complete relaxation to your mind and body and is perfect for eliminating the stresses of modern life.

1. Tea Off
Begin the session at the gorgeous earth-toned reception where you will be welcomed with a hot cup of freshly brewed Yogi Tea. Using a unique blend of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom and black pepper, the Yogi Tea offers a host of benefits, for instance, improving body metabolism and sluggish digestion.

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Kundalini Massage at Auriga spa
Auriga spa’s reception

2. Let It Go
Two simple breathing exercises signify the start of the 90-minute treatment. These will help to calm and relax the mind, letting go of all your inhibitions, further eased by the sounds from the resonance of a singing bowl rung by the therapist before you get to lie down and enjoy the Kundalini Massage at Auriga spa.

3. Get Aligned
Taking inspiration from the ancient spiritual belief of Kundalini, the concept of body awakening that is oh-so-familiar to those who do yoga, Auriga’s skilled therapists use synchronising massage techniques to help you discover your chakras, the seven energy points that are aligned in a straight line through your body. Imagine 90 peaceful minutes of harmonisation that helps to unlock each of your body’s chakra energy points, from the forehead between the eyes to the base of your spine in the tailbone area, allowing them to flow freely.

4. Energetic Moon Dance
To better regulate energy flow, the method incorporates heated moonstones on your back. Lavender oil will also be smothered all over your body, which smells delightful and has a calming effect to the mind. A facial massage with crystal stones and rose cream, plus a scalp massage with nourishing oil, are also included.

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Kundalini Massage at Auriga spa
The Kundalini Massage treatment includes a facial ritual using crystal stones

5. Access Excess Facilities
All bookings of the Kundalini Massage at Auriga spa include full access to its award-winning facilities, which is an added benefit of being able to use the Vitality Pool, which helps with blood circulation, and the Relaxation Lounge’s plush chairs, where there’s a high chance you’ll fall right into a deep slumber after your massage. Well, unlocking your chakras has been proven to lead to better sleep, so snooze on.

Kundalini Massage at Auriga spa

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