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The Art of Living Well: Dato IceMichelle Chen (3of4)

The founder of Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa believes in the importance of good skin.


Dato IceMichelle Chen believes that having good skin is important to helping a woman feel good about themselves. The founder of Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa speaks from experience. Faced with skin problems as a young woman, it was while trying out treatments and researching ways to improve her skin that she inadvertently found a passion for the business. “One thing led to another and I opened my spa to help other women like me,” shares Chen.

Fast-forward 17 years and she still pays as much attention to her skin, making sure to put on a mask every night before going to bed. She also goes for spa treatments twice a week, often opting for her spa’s signature Hormonal Balance massage and Anti-Water Retention therapy to tackle the root causes of weight issues.

Regular exercise has also become a part of her life. Apart from playing golf twice a week (she was recently named Best Lady Golfer at a tournament organised by Credit Suisse), she hits the gym each morning for a 45-minute session. “Regular exercise enables me to eat whatever I want, but of course in moderation,” says Chen, who is opening a new branch at Pacific Plaza this month.

“Today we don’t simply want ourselves to look good, we want to feel good and do what’s good for our body. Being healthy also means not feeling tired or stressed out. Only when you are calm and energised can you give yourself, your work and the people around you the best of you,” says Chen. 

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