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The Art of Living Well: Cheryl Gan (2of4)

The founder of Mount Sapola shares her secret to looking fresh and radiant, despite long hours and frequent travels.


As the founder of Mount Sapola, a purveyor of aromatherapy oils, Cheryl Gan juggles a very hectic schedule. Twelve-hour work days are a norm, as is business travel. But despite the long hours (she had just returned from Kuala Lumpur when we meet), she always looks radiant and fresh. Ask for her beauty secret and she says with a chuckle: “Really, it’s my essential oils that help!”

When I travel…I bring jasmine oil with me as it helps to soothe the migraines that I often get. What I do is to put some on a tissue paper and inhale the scent. This helps to calm me down and even helps to get me to sleep.

Long hours…do affect my skin, so I have a special moisturiser that is blended just for me, which includes jasmine. It moisturises deeply and helps me look refreshed the next morning.  

My beauty shortcuts…includes basic sheet masks. When I wasn’t as busy, I used to indulge in salon powder masks, as I found them to be more moisturising. Another must is sunblock.

I start my mornings…with a glass of water as soon as I wake up, followed by a glass of cold-pressed juice. My flavour of the moment always involves something sour.

Products and diet aside…I try to keep well by exercising, but only when I am on work trips. I love to run outdoors as that is also a way for me to sightsee.

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