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Thicker tresses with Bioskin

Regain a full head of natural hair with Bioskin’s customised Medical+ Hair Prosthesis (MHP).

Hair loss or alopecia can be caused by a variety of reasons. It may be hereditary, or it could be the result of stress or illness such as the autoimmune system attacking hair. But you don’t have to live with the effects, thanks to the first customised solution in Singapore and Asia that doesn’t involve wigs, time-consuming procedures requiring a tricologist, or invasive surgical procedures.

Customised solution

Bioskin’s Medical+ Hair Prosthesis (MHP) can be customised for men and women who have varying degrees of thinning hair or baldness, and various forms of hair loss.

The process of attaching the prosthesis to the skull is non-invasive and non-surgical. In fact, the system is classed as a Medical Device Class A1 with CE certification.

Natural results

The result is so natural you’ll forget it’s there. You can swim, scuba dive, relax in a sauna and basically have the freedom to lead a normal lifestyle with no restrictions. MHP is suited for the humidity in Singapore, as well as the even-hotter Middle East where it is very popular. In fact, it can withstand temperatures ranging from -80 to +80 degrees C.

As you would with regular hair at home or in the salon, you can wash and style your new locks, and even use gel or hairspray. You can also get your hair permed or dyed.

How it works

The system is made up of two parts: A base that is custom-made for you; and natural human hair chosen to match your own strands.

Bioskin’s consultant will first analyse your scalp to determine the problem area. A bicast and subsequently a mould that reproduces characteristics of your skull will be made. Special software will be used to create a copy of your skull as well as to keep track of related data.

The base, made of medical-grade polyurethane, will then be created in Italy. This artificial skin is biocompatible with yours, allowing your scalp to breathe, the shedding of old skin cells, and the generation of new ones. It also has anti-bacterial power.

Highly trained and qualified specialists will insert shafts of natural hair individually into the base, following the natural line of your own locks. The strands, from a hair bank in Europe, would have been chosen to resemble yours in terms of colour and texture. You may also select the thickness, length and volume you desire.

The grafted hair is strong yet manageable; the strands have never been chemically treated, nor have their outer layers stripped.

When ready, the system will be fixed over your affected area with contact gel. Your new hair may be trimmed and styled.

Regular care

To keep your new head of hair looking its best, you’ll need to attend regular maintenance sessions. During these sessions, the MHP will be removed with a deactivator and sanitised using ultrasonic equipment. When the MHP is removed, you may have scalp treatments to stimulate your natural hair growth. When the MHP is replaced, it could be trimmed and styled as you desire.

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